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[personal profile] emceeaich and I were watching one of the last 10th Doctor episodes last night, and he told me that there are sites devoted to dissecting Steven Moffat's treatment of women (one reason why I am not having too much fun watching the 11th Doctor). In my foolish sleep-deprived state I commented that we needed sites that do the same for JMS, especially in Babylon 5 (I am not familiar with his comics, so I'm sticking to B5).

When I first got into online fandom, my obsessions were Babylon 5 and David Weber's Honor Harrington books. A few of you (hi there!) were with me in our little corner of B5 fandom, so some of this may be old stuff for you. And in order to do this discussion justice, I will probably need to do some systematic rewatching of the series, which will be a pleasure in seasons 3 and 4 and a torment in season 5 (for everything that wasn't written by Neil Gaiman or had to do with Londo, Vir, and G'Kar).

I've got two major discussions in mind focusing on:

1) Susan Andreyevna Ivanova, Whipping Girl of the Universe? How come?
2) How the hell did we get from the awesomesauce of Delenn breaking the Grey Council to the failgravy of Mrs. John Sheridan?

And of course, we cannot ignore Talia, Lyta, Londo's exes, and even (ackpthppt!) Elizabeth Lockley.

Feel free to suggest stuff in the comments!
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At the recommendation of [personal profile] littlebutfierce, [personal profile] emceeaich and I queued up "Chak De! India!" which is about an Indian national women's field hockey team trying to win the World Cup. We finally sat down and watched it last Saturday, and we had a great time. Even if there's no ice, it's still hockey.

I know of at least three of you on the friends/access list who would eat this up like candy (hi [ profile] tersa, [ profile] shendoah, and [ profile] tattermuffin, I'm looking at yooou). If you liked "Bend It Like Beckham" or "League of Their Own", you'll probably have a good time.

One thing I found interesting is that it seems like field hockey operates like soccer in how the match is set up (70 minutes in two halves with extra time added as needed) and how penalties are handled (handing out colored cards> but the goalie still armors up like the folks on ice do.

Back in the dark mists of time, I actually picked up and attempted to use a field hockey stick in PE.
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thanks to [ profile] sclerotic_rings!

Anousheh Ansari is blogging from the International Space Station.

This isn't a case of a really rich person with more money than G*ddess, she's part of the family that is associated with the X Prize Foundation, so she's really putting her money into something she's deeply committed to.

Ad astra per aspera!


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