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Glee premieres in Japan next month, and there are promos for the show featuring the yokozuna sumotori Akebono (retired sumo grand champion, born Chad Rowan in Hawai'i).

Akebono sumo promo
Akebono salaryman promo

Note: Sumo gets big coverage in Hawai'i and I've spent quite a few evenings watching the tournaments with my aunt when I'm visiting.

It's fun to see Akebono again, and I can really hear his Hawai'i accent when he sings "Don't Stop Believin'".
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In a comment to yesterday's entry on Twilight, [ profile] catchmyfancy recommended a two part fic (Buffy/True Blood/Twilight) that features "Vampires and the Women Who Love Them". Part one is the girls, and part two is the vamps.

I haven't gotten very far in the Sookie books (although I like them far better than Twilight), but these stories are excessively diverting.
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Cut way back on the sceces with women walking around vacantly. Didn't like it with River, no need to repeat it with Echo.

BSG, on the other hand, rocked with all sorts of skin job toastery intriguey goodness.

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Feb. 12th, 2009 11:23 am
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I know [ profile] tersa is watching this, but is there anybody else on my flist who is? I need to find squee partners.
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found by a valiant member of my flist, name unfortunately forgotten in my mental haze:

Musings on the current gender dynamics of "Beauty and the Geek" where there's a female geek/male beauty pair in the show

My favorite bits:

"Point two: let’s talk about being female and geeky. It isn’t easy. Though male geeks tend to appreciate your existence, society overall is confused, baffled, and just doesn’t know what to do with you. You’re smart, but instead of being judged on competence, you’re judged on looks. But the thing is, inherent attractiveness isn’t even the point. Different things tend to be important to geeks as compared to most of the rest of the population, and one of the major differences is that looks (and with them, fashion, the ability to use make-up, or do your hair) are waaaay further down on the priority list."

And a bit further down:

"So back to the show. The reason having the female geek on a show where the geeks all get makeovers and learn to better fit in with society is that it’s damn hard to not do that. It strikes me as very much taking someone who has, consciously or not, rejected the patriarchal idea of female beauty, and trying to shoehorn her right back into it. Because the thing is, guys can be appreciated for being geeks. Which isn’t to write off their legitimate struggles with social awkwardness or attractiveness; when I said this society isn’t kind to the unattractive, I meant that, full stop. Both genders. But for men, there are other ways to contribute to society and be appreciated for them. For women, it’s beauty first, kindness and femininity second, and everything else after that. So for male geeks, learning to jump these hurdles and conquer personal demons is a bonus. It’ll make life much easier, sure.

But for a female geek? It’s akin to saying, “You’re really great at what you do. But you’d be better if you were prettier and easier to get along with.” Which is the same damn thing women are told every day. It isn’t subverting the societal message of what a woman should be, it’s reinforcing it."
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After listening to many friends both on and off LJ saying "you need to watch this!" and having [ profile] whumpdotcom gift me with the first season and a half on DVD, I finally started watching the miniseries last night. I refuse to order SciFi Channel on digital cable for this; thank all $DEITIES that the DVDs come out pretty quickly and that iTunes has the latest eps for download. I'm still pissed off at that network for cancelling Farscape and killing Ellen Datlow's SciFiction site.

It looks interesting. Starbuck looks like she's a lot of fun and she's certainly the character I paid the most attention to, but she hasn't quite found my instant worship button that Susan Andreyevna Ivanova and Aeryn Sun pushed right away.


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