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by way of Bruce Schneier's lj feed:

Knitters and crocheters will be able to bring their implements on board, because Australia's airport security is getting a bit more sane.

Good thing, too, the prospect of a flight Down Under without yarn and needles does not enthrall. I was glad that Japan wasn't stroppy about knitters when I went to Yokohama two years ago.

Damn it.

Jun. 12th, 2008 10:45 am
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United Airlines starts charging $15 for the first checked bags when you travel on flights starting August 18th. Anybody want to take bets on when Northwest, Delta, and the rest of them do the same?
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Hat tip to [ profile] tersa on this one.

American Airlines is going to charge for the first checked bag, and they're also cutting service.

Frakers. Of course it doesn't help that that thrice damned Wright Amendment makes it damned near impossible to fly to Dallas from here without dealing with American and DFW. And why would I want to go to Dallas? Not for hockey, whump's family is from there.
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For those of us heading out to Madison by plane:

Most US domestic flights are charging for the second piece of luggage.

Tips on how to pack everything in one suitcase.

Frakking Northwest. I was counting on the second bag for the fancy dress costume.

This will also affect Worldcon in Denver, damn it.
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My compliments to Portland for a great light rail system and free good wireless at PDX (far superior to the hotel's purported connectivity), excellent food, the bibliophile mecca of Powell's, and a couple of great local yarn shops.

Despite being overrun by hordes of cheerleaders (none of whom appeared to be incognito vampire slayers or mutant superheroines), [ profile] whumpdotcom and I had a good time at Potlatch. We will get another chance to catch up with many of the Usual Gang of Suspects at WisCon, and as for the others, we will see you in Seattle next year.
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Hearing the stories of how draconian security is right now flying out of the UK for the US, makes me very happy that I'm not planning to fly anywhere anytime soon.

I can, although it's difficult, put up without knitting on a plane (with plastic needles and no scissors around), but I'll be dipped, fried, boiled in oil, and chopped into lots of little julienned bits before you expect me to get on a plane without *books*. I don't go *anywhere* without books, trust me on this one, and anyone who knows me well can verify this.
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Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, Madison, WI, Tuesday evening, May 30th, 2006.
Programming? What programming?
Hospitality: the lobby restaurant and bar

Attendees: Those of us who had our flight from Madison to Minneapolis cancelled due to a plane with broken landing gear hydraulics.

I don't want to get on a busted plane, so I'm ok with this. We go out tomorrow morning and change planes in Detroit to get into SF the middle of tomorrow afternoon, and it looks like we have first class seats on the Detroit/SF leg of the trip, whoo-hoo!

home again

Feb. 26th, 2006 10:01 pm
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Made it home in one piece, through one of those fabulous Northern California storm cycles that made for some bumpy bits, but the captain made an excellent landing through the gusts. Must have gotten lucky, because we snuck through a gap in the storm bands, and were heading into SJC instead of SFO. The flight at the gate next to us in Seattle was heading to SFO and was horribly delayed due to air traffic control issues down here. Thank all $DEITIES of flight that there are three airport options for me here and I'm not always forced into using SFO.

I have a fifteen pound ball of fluff that is very pleased to have her Meowmy back.
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The Yarn Harlot is on the road to promote her newest book. She encounters a fellow passenger who can't handle her knitting. Here's how she responds.

The weenie mocked the Knitting Goddess and Her devoted servant, the Yarn Harlot. He deserves scorn. Also, may he never know knitterly love manifested in yarn.


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