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These people use machines similar to the one I drive at work to etch really tiny things on tiny things.

One of my co-workers etched the San Jose Sharks logo on a piece of silicon and sent me a picture of it ;). Most of the time, I make very thin slices for others to look at inside a even bigger electron microscope.

Hey, it pays the bills, maintains Miss Snickers in cat food and kitty litter, and enhances the book, yarn, and fiber stashes.
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We got a mailing in Portuguese at home advertising access to Brazilian and Portuguese cable channels (some channels are all futebol all the time).

The fact that Mom is 3rd gen and I'm 4th gen born here and pretty much only know a few words of the ancestral tongue (including some rude ones) seems to have escaped the wizards of marketing. Should give them credit for recognizing that our last name is Portuguese and not Spanish, though.
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Found on

A Chilean TV ad is touting the beauty-boosting effects of snail slime.

That old saw tells women "one must suffer in order to be beautiful", but this is beyond ridiculous. Excuse me while I struggle to keep my dinner down.
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Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog

Gentil readers, enjoy! I need a "whatte the swyve!?" icon, btw. I also need to find my copy of Canterbury Tales...

ETA 4/11/06: Now I've got the icon!


Mar. 17th, 2006 10:33 am
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in honor of the feast day of our captain, St. Marleau's Day!
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