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I hate DST with the fiery wrath of a thousand exploding suns. Yesterday morning was pretty much a waste. The day did feature a Costco run and a visit with friends in the evening, so it was worth getting up eventually.
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So some white guy with major issues (probable wingnut, problem with women, hates the IRS) first sets his house on fire, then crashes a plane into the Austin IRS building, but noooo, this *isn't* terrorism?

Herr Doktor Schroedinger, I want you to go into your little box, being careful not to get clawed by the kitty, and pull out a reality where this shit doesn't happen.
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My mother was given a spray solution to use as part of some wound care protocol, and I was annoyed by the way the ingredients were listed. This solution seems to be a buffered sodium hypochlorite/hypochlorous acid solution (with sodium chloride added) but the main ingredient was listed as 99% "oxidized water". The chemist part of me is going WTF?!
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Some bottom feeders are spoofing my personal domain name to send crap and for the last two days, my inbox on that account got thousands of bounce messages. I'm still getting hit, but I've managed to muck out the backlog.

I would dearly love to see some of this slime prosecuted within an inch of their pathetic wanking lives with the concomitant bankruptcies, but I doubt I'll ever see this happen.

Getting these subhuman parasites, dipping them in honey, and then staking them on a fire ant colony in 100 degree F heat might make a pleasant start. Feel free to suggest other alternatives; it isn't going to stop the fecalmatterforgreymatter, but it will amuse me.


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