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Yes, yet another riff on "Gangnam Style", only with space! I will note that some of my former comrades over in Mountain View at NASA Ames are probably gnashing their teeth in envy because "Ames" doesn't scan in the song.

Yes, I am posting something silly because if I really went off on what happened earlier today, it would not be pretty.
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Damn, I'm going to miss him. I remember yelling "Bruce is the voice of G*d on vinyl" and that means that the Big Man was his right hand. When I get home tonight, I am cranking "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out", "Jungleland", and "Rosalita."

The choir upstairs needed some extra sax mojo, but I wish he was still here with us.
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Blame @deirdresm on Twitter for pointing me to this mashup of Beyoncé and Sauron.
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On the MuppetsStudio YouTube channel, Beaker also does Beethoven's "Ode to Joy".

Praise [ profile] truepenny for this one!
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While I'm making tiny slices with a big frakkin' machine, I'm reading Neil deGrasse Tyson's The Pluto Files on Hypatia the Kindle and am vastly amused to find that Tyson has lyrics to songs written about the controversy over Pluto getting demoted to dwarf planet status, including Jonathan Coulton's "I'm Your Moon", in the appendices.

When fandoms collide, indeed.
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First, there was BlöödHag, and then wizard rock and hobbit rap, and that path led me to nerdcore.

Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here. Flee, you fools!
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It isn't bad enough that [ profile] pegkerr points me to the best wizard rock in the Potterverse, but now my beloved [ profile] whumpdotcom has pointed me to Lords of the Rhymes, who are rappers B-dil and Q-beam straight outta Middle-earth. When "Lords of the Rhymes" came up in his music rotation just now, I had a classic "what the *frak*?!" reaction, and then I had to snag the songs.

[ profile] wild_patience, keep [ profile] calimac away from this. I don't want to be responsible for his brain imploding.
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Thanks to made-of-awesome-win [ profile] shikzoid, I just snagged two tickets to Jonathan Coulton's February 22nd show at the Great American Music Hall in SF. This is perfect, because it is on the natal anniversary of my very own Code Monkey, [ profile] whumpdotcom.

Go forth and divert electrons to if you want to share the madness.
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Through the good offices of Salon's Broadsheet and Jon Carroll of the SF Chronicle, I learn that complaints choirs are now worldwide. I had seen video of the Helsinki choir on YouTube, but now there's more to savor.
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I blame [ profile] zdashamber and [ profile] obadiah for turning me on to edu-core music.
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[ profile] pegkerr made my morning by pointing me to the Regency-style lyrics for "Baby Got Back". I have just finished one of my periodic re-readings of Pride and Prejudice, so this is timely.

To return the favor, I pointed her to the Harry Potterized version of "The Waste Land" that [ profile] ataniell93 and others have been raving about. I went through an Eliot kick in my twenties, and this brought back memories.


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