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Probably a lot of you may have seen this already on the twitters, but I'm blogging this essay here for a placeholder. I really liked this movie, and will want to watch it again.
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At the recommendation of [personal profile] littlebutfierce, [personal profile] emceeaich and I queued up "Chak De! India!" which is about an Indian national women's field hockey team trying to win the World Cup. We finally sat down and watched it last Saturday, and we had a great time. Even if there's no ice, it's still hockey.

I know of at least three of you on the friends/access list who would eat this up like candy (hi [ profile] tersa, [ profile] shendoah, and [ profile] tattermuffin, I'm looking at yooou). If you liked "Bend It Like Beckham" or "League of Their Own", you'll probably have a good time.

One thing I found interesting is that it seems like field hockey operates like soccer in how the match is set up (70 minutes in two halves with extra time added as needed) and how penalties are handled (handing out colored cards> but the goalie still armors up like the folks on ice do.

Back in the dark mists of time, I actually picked up and attempted to use a field hockey stick in PE.
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Little spoilerific 510-land specific squee about the movie )

The movie was absolutely delightful. I want to be Ellie when I grow up.
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Kate Harding continues to rock my world with her musings about the movie Mamma Mia!.

Here's her closing summary:

"So, to sum up… It’s nowhere near as electrifying as the stage production, which I highly recommend. But considering a ticket to the movie is a hundred-odd bucks cheaper, I can’t complain too much about that — and the movie has tons of other things to recommend it, including some fucking awesome images of fiftysomething women inhabiting and enjoying their bodies instead of hiding and apologizing for them. I might go see it again just to boggle at that rarity once more."

And of course, there are Messrs. Firth, Brosnan, and Skarsgård to ogle. "Dancing Queen" is still a functional earworm five days after I saw the movie.
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Went to see it last night with [ profile] whumpdotcom and my best friend Bob WINOLJ; I got my fangrrl's daily allowance of arm candy and cheesy fun. Meryl Streep really can sing; however the still droolworthy Pierce Brosnan unfortunately falls short when it comes to tunefulness. Happily, The Divine Mister Firth also can sing and provides a required dose of Dripping Wet Colin Hotness. I never really heard of the Swedish actor who played Bill, but he was also easy on the eyes. There was also large quantities of very cute twenty-somethings and lovely scenery in the Greek Isles. We had a chorus of Abba fen behind us singing, but they didn't jump up and dance at the end like I remember the audience doing when I saw it on the stage.
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I'm just watching the end of Pretty in Pink and I'm really rather sorry that Molly Ringwald managed to talk John Hughes into changing the ending to have her end up with Andrew McCarthy instead of Jon Cryer.

I adore the Duck Man and the soundtrack kicks serious booty. If I was Empress-Goddess of the Universe, Duckie would have been the romantic lead.
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Whoa. Go see it, I don't want to spoil you.
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This was a ever increasing cascade of wrongness, brilliantly portrayed.
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Finally got to see Cars this evening. Sure, the plot was predictable, but the animation was awesome, and all the car and racing jokes gladdened this daughter and sister of motorheads greatly.

(Yes, I admit it, I used to watch racing with my late dad. He actually took me to Laguna Seca to see Mario Andretti's last race, and we spent many Sunday afternoons watching NASCAR. So sue me.)
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Natalie Portman needs to get up close and personal with a truckload of sandwiches, but still, whoa.


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