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[personal profile] wild_irises asks: What's satisfying and right about knitting?

I learned how to knit from my maternal grandmother. Actually, she was much more of a crocheter, but my mother had learned how to knit Continental style, and she taught her mother how to do that. Grandma then passed the knowledge on to me. Part of knitting's attraction to me is that I'm following in the footsteps of my foremothers. My favorite things to knit are socks and lace, and both of these things have a lot of precision and fine detail.

When I was in college, I made afghans for myself and my roommate. I took scraps of yarn from Grandma's crocheting, tied them together in multicolored balls and knit large rectangles out of them. Grandma crocheted around them and put them together, then added fringe. I don't know what my roommate did with hers, but I still have my afghan, and we keep it draped over the couch in the living area. The cats are quite fond of the fringe!

My fiber obsession has widened to include spinning yarn and weaving, and I do want to get better at crochet and tatting (which was my great-grandmother's thing).
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from [ profile] kateyule, I hear that the USOC told Ravelry to cease and desist with their Knitting Olympics.

Pissing off millions of folks who have pointy sticks and know how to use them is not good PR.
I make *stabbitydeath* motions towards the USOC, but do not want to bend or get blood on my nice new 40" size 0 lace Turbos (I have priorities).
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It's the ides of the month, and time to make a new Kiva loan. I found three women in Guatemala who are making money knitting, and I was happy to see the Kiva group was one of the top funders for this loan.
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Thanks to [personal profile] twistedchick, I hear about rogue knitters modifying a Berkeley sculpture that disses their neighbor to the south. As a knitter, and 4th generation native Oaklander, I cheer them.

KWB update

Jan. 26th, 2010 01:29 pm
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The Yarn Harlot says we've broken the 1M$ barrier for MSF, and she's happy we care about things other than yarn.
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by way of Bruce Schneier's lj feed:

Knitters and crocheters will be able to bring their implements on board, because Australia's airport security is getting a bit more sane.

Good thing, too, the prospect of a flight Down Under without yarn and needles does not enthrall. I was glad that Japan wasn't stroppy about knitters when I went to Yokohama two years ago.
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Many thanks to [ profile] kate_nepveu for writing up the notes to this panel! Also thanks to [ profile] emilytheslayer and [ profile] yuki_onna for being on the panel with me, we will need to revisit this next Wiscon!
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I just need to whinge a little bit about center-pull wound balls of yarn. Every frakking time, it seems like there's a point where when you pull on the end, the yarn refuses to budge. After some tugging, a great big clot of yarn gets disgorged, and then you have to stop and wind up the clot so that the tangle doesn't become a great big knotted mess.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Friday afternoon activities. Thank you for your indulgence.
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I am excessively diverted. Not sure if I want to subscribe, though.

hat tip to [ profile] jrittenhouse


Jan. 23rd, 2009 10:35 pm
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Somebody in downtown Mountain View now has a very nice Noro Silk Garden scarf because I am a doofus. Hope they wear it well.

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Jan. 8th, 2009 03:33 pm
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Thanks to [ profile] eyow, I now have an userpic that illustrates the phrase I first heard uttered at my local yarn shop, "I need to stab something, it might as well be yarn."
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I am watching "Slap Shot" with [ profile] whumpdotcom and am amused to note that even back then knitting was part of watching hockey. [ profile] tersa, we are continuing the tradition.

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This is for [ profile] tattermuffin and [ profile] wild_patience and [ profile] kightp and any other knitters reading this who are having rage-honing No Good Very Bad Days/Weeks.

Step 1: Find a skein of crap yarn in your stash (we all have some, admit it) like Red Heart Super Saver acrylic or really heinous novelty yarn.

Step 2: Grab a pair of needles (metal might be the most satisfying choice) and go stabbitydeath! on it. Do not stab the good stuff (see step 3).

Step 3: Grab a skein of merino, or cashmere/silk (for severe cases), then pet it. *Lurve* it. Let the softness heal you.


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