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Video of a Chemical Party

Chemistry class would have been even more fun (seriously kids, why would I have majored in this if it *wasn't* fun? Things go boom, things catch on fire, things change color, things smell funny).

I do fondly remember my thesis advisor in freshman chem likening entropy levels to a room full of kindergartners: High entropy=kids running around, low entropy=same kids on valium (or naptime, if you don't want to do sedation)
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from my Twitter feed (from Mary Robinette Kowal through Nalo Hopkinson and @chr0me to me):

Jane Austen's Fight Club
Go on, click, you know you want to.

Also, check for reports of localized seismic activity under Winchester Cathedral in the UK.
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when I saw the Wikitravel entry for Mordor that [ profile] al_zorra pointed out. Don't want to explain to the IT department why I ruined this keyboard.

That and Charlie Stross's blog entry for today are the high points of this April Fools' Day.

Friday fun

Feb. 12th, 2010 02:38 pm
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The Muppet Studio brings us Beaker's Ballad.

hat tip to [ profile] pegkerr
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On the MuppetsStudio YouTube channel, Beaker also does Beethoven's "Ode to Joy".

Praise [ profile] truepenny for this one!
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Oh, dear. The wool-thieving squirrel that the Yarn Harlot wrote about in her second book (or a descendant who inherited the proclivity) is back. Should I offer to ship Baxter the hellpuppy to Toronto so he can chase squirrels for her? Might not be doing her any favor.
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Damn it, my political muse is gone. After Ann Richards died last year, I was hoping to have Molly around longer. Now I have to console myself with the vision of imagining Ann and Molly stirring up heaven for good causes.

One of my friends in Austin [ profile] fearless777 got me a signed copy of "You Got to Dance With Them What Brung You" and the caption exhorted me to "keep fightin' for freedom!".

I'll try, Molly. I wish I could have more of your writing to keep me going on.

ETA: And, get that (&(*&(*^^%%$! mammogram!

ETA 2/5/07: My Austin friend does have an LJ; she was at the service and the follow-on get together at Scholz Garten yesterday.
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[ profile] whumpdotcom pointed me to this article in the Onion that may explain why [ profile] spiritrover has been rather quiet on LJ lately.

Happy Samhain/Halloween/Dia de los Muertos everyone, and don't OD on the candy!
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While at the end of Blogher cocktail party, my neighbor and I were musing about the hidden jokes for adults that are in things like the Simpsons and old Warner Bros. cartoons, and we came up with a challenge.

Somebody ought to try this. Write a post that fits in with [ profile] customers_suck style where the ACME customer service rep. has to respond to the complaints of a particular end user named Wile E. Coyote.

(inspired by Ian Frazier's Coyote vs. ACME)

Go, fly free, have fun.


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