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A side benefit of reading Ken Dryden’s The Game is picking up some bits of really nasty Québécois swears*. Might come in handy if we ever make our Eastern Canada road trip with the Sharks (something to mutter under our breath at Centre Bell).

*which all seem to have something to do with the Catholic Church, quelle surprise!

One of my favorite parts of the book is watching Dryden comment on part of the playing career of one of our current Sharks assistant coaches, Larry Robinson.

Thanks [personal profile] commodorified for the reading suggestion!
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And I devoutly pray to the Hockey Gods that he does not maim anyone while wearing teal. When Marty McSorley finally lost it, I was very relieved to know he wasn't wearing teal then.

Hockey Gods, I don't care if he is wearing teal when it happens, but if this hoser loses it one more time, I want your punishment to be swift, mighty, and permanent.

There is going to be at least one woman hissing up in section 223 row 15 this weekend. Some of my fellow Shark fan co-workers are telling me that he does have speed and some skill, but I won't believe he's cleaned up his act unless he gets through his time in teal with minimal penalties and no dirtiness.
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Put an outdoor rink up in AT&T Park. Drive the Shark head up from the Tank, put it up there, and put los Tiburones in action against any of the following: the freaking Canucks, the thrice-damned Kings, or the effing Ducks. Probably the Canucks would get the best ratings. The Western Conference is more than the Dead Things and the Blackhawks. Hell, I'd make a road trip to Denver or Vancouver if the league insists on outdoor snow at rink level (sorry Edmonton and Calgary).

The Eastern conference can just quit hogging all the nice things!


May. 4th, 2011 08:28 pm
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Whoooo-hooo! Sharks win the Pacific Division for the 4th straight year and the sixth title overall by beating LA (a good and holy thing) 6-1.

I now stop my hockey happy dance to note that I have DW invite codes available for LJ refugees disgusted by the Russian DDoSs.
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At the recommendation of [personal profile] littlebutfierce, [personal profile] emceeaich and I queued up "Chak De! India!" which is about an Indian national women's field hockey team trying to win the World Cup. We finally sat down and watched it last Saturday, and we had a great time. Even if there's no ice, it's still hockey.

I know of at least three of you on the friends/access list who would eat this up like candy (hi [ profile] tersa, [ profile] shendoah, and [ profile] tattermuffin, I'm looking at yooou). If you liked "Bend It Like Beckham" or "League of Their Own", you'll probably have a good time.

One thing I found interesting is that it seems like field hockey operates like soccer in how the match is set up (70 minutes in two halves with extra time added as needed) and how penalties are handled (handing out colored cards> but the goalie still armors up like the folks on ice do.

Back in the dark mists of time, I actually picked up and attempted to use a field hockey stick in PE.
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SF3 is doing the right thing, the Giants won game 4, and if the Sharks can demonstrate they know how to play hockey tomorrow night, it's a nice end to the week.
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Hockey good. Beer foamy. Sharks won.
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for my friends in the North. I spend it as I usually do, hitting "refresh" on the NHL free agent tracker. I do have some cheese curds available, but they are not in poutine form.
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I had a global bad feeling about game 4 yesterday, so instead of watching the game, I went and pillaged overgrown ivy, geraniums, wild trees, and banana trees in the back yard. Slash and hack gardening was probably a superior use of three hours. Congratulations to Chicago, they played great. I'm a bit bummed, because we had tickets to Game 5 if it got played tomorrow evening.
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Hockey Gods strengthen us.


May. 4th, 2010 08:11 pm
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If somebody last week told me that at this time tonight my beloved Sharks would be up 3-0 on the Red Wings, I would have asked them for what they're smoking because it obviously is awesome shit. Either Santa Cruz or Humboldt's finest herb or as [ profile] tersa said, purple sparkly CRACK.

Oh, and note to Red Wings fans, throwing tako on the ice is easy. Try smuggling in a 3 foot long shark with an octopus sewn in its mouth, successfully deploy airborne seafood at the ice in the Tank, and not get thrown out. Now *that's* hard.

Nine more wins.
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Break hockey stick. Sharpen it. Drive Mr. Pointy home. Repeat for twelve more wins.
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The fingernails are teal, the clothes and bling are gray, black, and teal, and I'm ready for the puck to drop in our beloved Los Tiburones' (thanks Mark Purdy) neverending quest for a large piece of silver plate. Sixteen more wins. That's what we need.
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There's plenty of reasons to trash the IOC, but watching them get their briefs in a bunch because the Canadian women's hockey team partied (beer, champagne, cigars) in public after winning their gold medals (and the player who scored all the goals is legal in Quebec, but just below the BC drinking age) is too funny.

Seriously, who in the Vancouver Police Department would try to bust them after winning the gold in their country's national sport?

Ladies, you can do better than drink Coors though. Life is too short to drink crappy beer and you just won the gold. At the very least, where's the Molson? Or some of those awesome brews I tried up in Montreal last year?

Congratulations, and here's a whoop upside the collective heads of the IOC with a goalie stick.
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I've enjoyed watching your smackdowns these last couple of seasons. Good luck (but not too much luck) with the Rangers.
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Please do not let any of the Sharks' Olympians get hurt. So mote it be.
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[personal profile] emceeaich pointed me to this awesome video intro for the U of Alaska-Fairbanks Nanooks hockey team.. As he said, "Polar bears, F-16s, planetary destruction, and hockey. What else do you need?"

This replaces the old SJ Sharks intro from the mid and late '90s where sharks in the Pacific after going omnomnom on surfers and seals, fly down to the South Bay, enter the Tank, and morph into hockey players.

ETA to add link to the Sharks intro.
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GIP to celebrate the new season. Hockey Gods willing, that nice shiny thing next to the logo will be residing in San Jose come next summer.


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