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Nope, not Fremont, California. The folks at headquarters think we're not worthy (4th largest city in the Bay Area (210K people), and I have to go to San Ramon or Cupertino?). Bite me, WF.

I just got off the phone with my aunt, and she says WF took over the Star market in Kahului and she's checking it out with one of my cousins. I told her Whole Foods is totally not local food, and she agrees, because just about everybody else shopping there is haole.
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Glee premieres in Japan next month, and there are promos for the show featuring the yokozuna sumotori Akebono (retired sumo grand champion, born Chad Rowan in Hawai'i).

Akebono sumo promo
Akebono salaryman promo

Note: Sumo gets big coverage in Hawai'i and I've spent quite a few evenings watching the tournaments with my aunt when I'm visiting.

It's fun to see Akebono again, and I can really hear his Hawai'i accent when he sings "Don't Stop Believin'".
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you "birthers" can bite my shiny metal ass. My father was in the third generation of his family born in Hawai'i (some of my folks were there during the monarchy). Yeah, I'm taking it personally, and even this Bay Area born grrrl can get in touch with her inner tita.
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I don't qualify as kama'aina (my dad was third generation born in Hawai'i), but I want to wish the President a lot of aloha. (Part of me wants to hear him go totally local for just a bit...wot! boddah you? Or have spam musubi for a snack...). They don't seem to be showing the Punahou school band in the parade.

My subject line is the Hawai'i kingdom/territory/State motto (The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness).
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Live webcam of Halema'uma'u crater within the Kilauea caldera. The Goddess is in dire need of extra strength ibuprofen and sacrificial chocolate and booze.

Thanks to [ profile] k6rfm for the pointer.


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