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thanks to [ profile] shweta_narayan, I bring you Periodic Table cupcakes courtesy of some UC Berkeley folks with too much time and baking materials on hand. Also: some fun snarkage at Stanford's expense.

I especially appreciate the empty cupcake liner for ununseptium (element 117 still has to be discovered).

When I was in the chemistry club at Santa Clara U, one of my friends and I made sugar cookies for a fair that we decorated with the symbols of the elements. If I remember correctly, arsenic, silicon, and californium were the big sellers. Ah, Silicon Valley educations....

Top Chef!

Feb. 12th, 2009 11:23 am
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I know [ profile] tersa is watching this, but is there anybody else on my flist who is? I need to find squee partners.
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[ profile] kightp mentioned this a while back, and at my behest, [ profile] whumpdotcom nabbed one at the local Whole Foods. He was good and patient enough not to sneak nibbles until I could join him.

It doesn't scream BACON!, but you get a hint of smokiness and saltiness along with crunchies. If you let the chocolate melt on your tongue, the little bacon bits stick around and you get breakfasty goodness after the dessert.

Mmmmm. I wouldn't say that I would raid the Cupertino and Los Altos WFs for their whole stash of this, but it was a nice change.


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