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I hereby enlist in the Insect Army Reader's Auxiliary, Coccinellidae Division! Ladybugs rock and we are not wussy! Show your spots with pride!!!!
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By way of [personal profile] supergee and Geek Feminism, a new hero of mine subverts a dominant paradigm with her little brother.

I bow humbly in admiration at her mad feminist skillz, and say to her little brother, "we accept you, we accept you, one of us!"
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[personal profile] emceeaich just made my morning and read me a Yuletide story about the Mars rovers. SQUEEEEE

This is right there with my previous squee about the Maru the cat and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me fic some years back.
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Yes, yet another riff on "Gangnam Style", only with space! I will note that some of my former comrades over in Mountain View at NASA Ames are probably gnashing their teeth in envy because "Ames" doesn't scan in the song.

Yes, I am posting something silly because if I really went off on what happened earlier today, it would not be pretty.
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[personal profile] emceeaich and I were watching one of the last 10th Doctor episodes last night, and he told me that there are sites devoted to dissecting Steven Moffat's treatment of women (one reason why I am not having too much fun watching the 11th Doctor). In my foolish sleep-deprived state I commented that we needed sites that do the same for JMS, especially in Babylon 5 (I am not familiar with his comics, so I'm sticking to B5).

When I first got into online fandom, my obsessions were Babylon 5 and David Weber's Honor Harrington books. A few of you (hi there!) were with me in our little corner of B5 fandom, so some of this may be old stuff for you. And in order to do this discussion justice, I will probably need to do some systematic rewatching of the series, which will be a pleasure in seasons 3 and 4 and a torment in season 5 (for everything that wasn't written by Neil Gaiman or had to do with Londo, Vir, and G'Kar).

I've got two major discussions in mind focusing on:

1) Susan Andreyevna Ivanova, Whipping Girl of the Universe? How come?
2) How the hell did we get from the awesomesauce of Delenn breaking the Grey Council to the failgravy of Mrs. John Sheridan?

And of course, we cannot ignore Talia, Lyta, Londo's exes, and even (ackpthppt!) Elizabeth Lockley.

Feel free to suggest stuff in the comments!
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Goddess bless, Anne McCaffrey. You gave me a lot of fun reading. My personal favorites were the Harper Hall books.
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[personal profile] emceeaich got this tidbit from [personal profile] cofax7 this morning and had to share.

We bring you: The Broship of the Ring

My personal favorites are Eowyn and Eomer as bikers. Also, Bill the Pony turns into a hoopty bike.
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I'm in the midst of mucking out the spare bedroom and found one of the boxed season sets of B5. I'll have to find the rest to start a rewatch and do another bout of worship of the Warrior Goddess in Her Susan Andreyevna Ivanova avatar.

Finding out Abi at Making Light is doing her own rewatch is also prodding me to find the DVDs.

Hee, after B5, it should be time for Farscape (worship of the Warrior in Her Our Lady of Perpetual Leather avatar, Aeryn).
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Here are links to my two favorite Yuletide '09 stories:

I succeeded in crawling into the breast of my big boss (written by miss_pryss and inspired by Maru the cat's blog)

Wait, Wait Don't Eat Me (NPR's "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me") When the real people referenced in the story squee about the story and the story gets slashdotted, you know [ profile] nestra hit one out of the ball park.
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[ profile] jenwrites rules! (note to Jen: Need to see that costume @ Wiscon)
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Glee premieres in Japan next month, and there are promos for the show featuring the yokozuna sumotori Akebono (retired sumo grand champion, born Chad Rowan in Hawai'i).

Akebono sumo promo
Akebono salaryman promo

Note: Sumo gets big coverage in Hawai'i and I've spent quite a few evenings watching the tournaments with my aunt when I'm visiting.

It's fun to see Akebono again, and I can really hear his Hawai'i accent when he sings "Don't Stop Believin'".
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Patrick Stewart gets a knighthood in the 2010 New Year's Honours List.
Last year, we had Sir Pterry. [personal profile] emceeaich notes that now both Magneto and Professor Xavier have knighthoods, but then, when I think of Sir Ian McKellen, I think Gandalf.
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by way of Bruce Schneier's lj feed:

Knitters and crocheters will be able to bring their implements on board, because Australia's airport security is getting a bit more sane.

Good thing, too, the prospect of a flight Down Under without yarn and needles does not enthrall. I was glad that Japan wasn't stroppy about knitters when I went to Yokohama two years ago.
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Today is Ursula Kroeber LeGuin's eightieth birthday, and also the fortieth anniversary of the publication of Left Hand of Darkness.

I came across the Earthsea books at least thirty-five years ago (the actual date is rusty) at my local library and was never quite the same after that. Besides Left Hand and the Earthsea books, the LeGuin books that continue to rock my world with every re-read are The Dispossessed and Always Coming Home.

It was very important to me that Potlatch 18 (in Sunnyvale, CA earlier this year) honored Always Coming Home as one of its books of honor this year, because that book captures the physical reality and spirit of Northern California. Having Ursula there as part of the con made it even more special to me, because it was an opportunity to honor and thank somebody who created a special book while she is still here to hear it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ursula. May we have the blessing of your presence for years to come.
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At [ profile] kalmn's suggestion, I had 150 bright green badge ribbons proclaiming our Minion of Elder God status made and I should have them in time for Worldcon.
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Over on my lj, I dust off and update my old "Honor Harrington Deserves Better Than Hamish Alexander" rantlet.



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