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4.0 on the Hayward Fault

In the hills behind Union City, my dear friend the Hayward Fault decided to let herself be known.
I had just gotten home from work (a late night) and I heard a little rattling and the towels in the bathroom were twitching.

Otherwise, no problem. I reported my findings to the USGS for SCIENCE!
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That little cluster of earthquakes up in San Leandro? Didn't feel them at all down here in Sunnyvale. Not sure if I would have felt them if I was still in Fremont.

So, the Goddess of plate tectonics must be rattling the Hayward fault as a caution to us jaded Californians to go easy on the East coast and remind ourselves where the emergency kit is. All I can ask Her is not to jump up and down too hard, ok?
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Just because Mme. Pele's mainland cousin, the Goddess of plate tectonics, seems to make her US home out here in the West, it doesn't mean that She won't get the travel bug and go elsewhere. So, since I know you all don't build for this (all that unreinforced masonry makes me twitchy), I'll just hope you all are safe and get home ok. And, once you pick up after Her, learn from us out here and out in Japan. Also, if you go to the "did you feel it?" section of the website, you can provide useful data about how the quake affected you and the place you were in (like where you were in the building, what kind of building, etc.). Scientists and engineers need this data so that we get better prepared for the next one.
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So Ontario/Quebec had a 5.0? I know that would knock groceries off the shelf here, but how are things out there?


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