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Whoooo-hooo! Sharks win the Pacific Division for the 4th straight year and the sixth title overall by beating LA (a good and holy thing) 6-1.

I now stop my hockey happy dance to note that I have DW invite codes available for LJ refugees disgusted by the Russian DDoSs.
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Like most of my flist/access list (~99% according to an extremely unscientific reading of the posts since yesterday afternoon), I'm really not happy about LJ allowing comments on locked posts to be sent to Facebook/Twitter, and I never liked the pingbacks when they were around before. I almost never post on FB, and my twitters aren't that numerous either; however, if I choose to say something on those networks, I'm going to go over there and deal with how they manage or not manage the privacy of what I send.

I do not wish to crosspost any of my blog entries *or* have any comments on my journals crossposted to FB/Twitter. LJ's implementation such as it is makes it possible to accidentally x-post, and even though the vast majority of you seeing this post agree with me, I'm beginning to seriously consider locking down comments on LJ, and moving to comments from OpenID/DW folks only. If you're on my LJ flist, you're quite welcome to ask me for some DW invite codes, and your OpenIDs (using LJ as the authentication) will be given access. I have a permanent LJ account, so I'm not going to go away if you choose to continue to use LJ to read journals. I have a seed DW account because I like the way they operate.

Selfishly, having the comments only on DW allows the entire conversation in one place.
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If you (or somebody you can vouch for) would like an invite code for DW, I've got a bunch available. Leave a comment with an email address.

ETA: This gets you in before the rates go up on November 1st!
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I brought my user pictures over, but haven't decided whether or not to import the whole journal over.

Pros and cons of doing this?

Hi there

Apr. 11th, 2009 06:32 pm
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Won the invite code lotto this afternoon...thanks! Things are going to be sparse here while I play around with setting things up.


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