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We are open to suggestions about stopping Yukino (and [personal profile] telophase's Sora) from pooping outside the box.
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Kitten Therapy: A Prescription for Stress

The Tribble Sisters aren't little bitty things any more; I get doses of teenage/twentysomething kitties now.
Something like this would be useful at no-kill shelters to help socialize the furballs. Betcha they'd find homes really fast too.

This is also like those cat clubs in Tokyo that give city dwellers furry time to enjoy if they don't have room for them at home.
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[personal profile] telophase's latest bit of household tech implemented to catch a certain kitty who is failing litterbox manners and pooping Outside The Box (we have at least one of those too) has got me wishing for the ideal Internet of Things Kitty Nannycam:

secure access for cat Meowmys and just them, not the rest of the Internet!
triggers The Squirt Bottle of Loving Correction when certain wannabe furry bedroom slippers (I'm talking to you, Miss Elizabeth Bennet-Tribble, and you, Yukino) start prowling on work surfaces in the kitchen looking for noms

Other useful features to suggest?
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An educational film on the dangers of the mystic herb:

d00d, I am sooo wasted!

Talk to your furry loved ones about the dangers of nip. I was too late to stop my darling delinquents Yukino and Hitomi, and their late older sister Snickers was also prone to abusing the herb.

Photographic evidence of Snickers' lightweightitude from 2008

The icon depicts the horrifying aftermath.
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The reign of Snickers, my Beneficent Feline Overlady, began December 27, 1996 and ended on Samhain 2011. She was a venerable sixteen years and two months old. She is succeeded by Their Felinitys Yukino and Hitomi, and who knows, perhaps out there is a little floofy princess/tyrant to take over shedding duties* from Snickers. Lady Bast will lead us together when it's time.

*Yuki and Tomi do their best to leave fuzz around, but you really need a longhaired kitty to leave lots of herself everywhere she goes.

Snickers, you were a most excellent cat. Lady Bast bless you.
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Miss Snickers did end up going to the v*t Friday afternoon; she was still listless and having tmi accidents. The v*t gave her fluids and drew blood; the results came back Saturday morning, and thankfully, nothing really scary was indicated. We think she had a bout of acute pancreatitis, and she may have had it at a low level since she had lost two pounds since her last visit in January.

Fuzzy Miss Thing has little tiny pills for antivomiting and appetite boosting, and she can have whatever gooshyfood/kibble bits her fuzzy little heart desires (it's the seefood diet). She's definitely quite eager to slurp up the gooshy goodness.
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to my Benevolent Feline Overlady, who is a bit under the weather (litterbox and barf tmi, if you're morbidly curious). I had to dip Miss Snickers in Evil Cat Solvent yesterday, and she wasn't even tempted by usually cracktastic Feline Greenies this morning. I did mix some gooshyfud with her old lady kibble which got her eating something and she is drinking her water. I'll be watching her output when I get home. Hopefully, she won't have to go to the v*t.
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Charlene Butterbean (the famous foster auntie of all the IttyBittyKittyCommittee foster kittens) is wearing a collar mounted video camera this week. Her Meowmy, Laurie, was looking through yesterday's footage, and caught Charlene playing with one of her favorite mylar sparkleballs. My favorite bit is where she squeals with glee.
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Today is [ profile] rutemple's birthday! Have a good one!

Today is also the Official Fifteenth Natal Commemoration of my Benevolent Feline Overlady (tm, accept no substitutes), Snickers.* Beloved floofbutt was snuggled in her Happy Place (the little cubbyhole behind my pillows on my bed) this morning because I was using the Cat Eater to pick up the Snickerbitsoffloof she leaves on the carpet.

*The actual day in August 1995 she arrived is unknown, I just know she's fifteen this month.

A new goal is to find some nice Snickerbits to mix with merino and spin it on Charlotte the wheel. By the time I get enough floof, I should be a much better wheel spinner ;).

Ah, spring!

Apr. 5th, 2010 01:54 pm
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The season when a floofy cat's fur decides that it should be anywhere else besides on the cat. Miss Snickers has left at least three newborn-kittens' worth of fur on the brush this past week. Good thing the Benevolent Feline Overlady enjoys my humble efforts at brushing the Divine Floof; she stretches out and arches her back, "oh yeah, right there, get it right there".
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It isn't just the hills turning green and the promise of wet! eventually (note, this is the Bay Area I'm talking about)...

It's a cat returning to her habit of bopping Meowmy on the nose when it's gotten light enough to stumble over to the food dish and put kibbly tribute inside. It's a cat wanting to snuggle next to me and emit sleep rays for more than five minutes at a time.

I love my fuzzbutt Snickers.
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Snickers, the Beloved Fuzzbutt, was due for a rabies shot, so I took her to the v*t last Saturday morning. She's lost weight in the past three years (from 15 lbs 2 oz down to 11 lbs 13 oz) and her heart murmur is getting louder. Other than that, she's doing fabulous for a venerable kitty of stature. Her teeth are great and her blood work is awesome for a cat who turns thirteen and a half this month (I should have such good blood work!). Her v*t wants me to bring her back in a month or so for a weigh-in (just to make sure that she's not losing weight too fast) and I can get her pointy bits trimmed at the same time (she lets them clip her claws, but acts like I'm doing a manual declaw on her when I try it). We may have to do a cardiac ultrasound on her in the future, but all things considered, I have a pretty darned healthy senior kitty. Lady Bast must love my Floofy Miss Thing as much as I do.
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Beloved fuzzbutt took ownership of me twelve years ago. May Lady Bast give us many more years together.
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This question is for all the folks owned by cats on my flist:

I wanted to know if cat purring/meowing was mostly directed at humans rather than other cats. Snickers was quite talky last night when I got home, but then she quieted down, and I also noticed that her purring volume went up to turbo levels when I got in bed with her and then that quieted down too.

I notice that the [ profile] atomickittens only really meow a lot when there's food to be had.

Is this something that is a function of being an only cat (Snickers), or do cats that live with each other do the same thing (Yukino and Hitomi)

Links are welcome.
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Feeding Fuzzy Miss Thing before I got to bed meant that Snickers didn't bop me until 0700 Pacific this morning (and that's ok, because I should be getting conscious about then).
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I'm not sure what made my beloved fuzzy idiot Snickers think she lives in Newfoundland instead of California, but doing the bop-Meowmy-with-the-pointy-claws thing is even less acceptable at 0230 Pacific than it is at 0600 Pacific.


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