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Proposition 21 lost on the November ballot; it would have added $18 to each car's vehicle license fees to support our state parks. The California State Parks Foundation is doing a virtual sponsorship of cars to help the parks, so if you're disappointed that 21 lost, you can still sponsor your car and maybe somebody else's.
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The California results seem to be somewhat looking up. Glad Meg and Carly got shot down. Didn't expect 19 to pass statewide, but Alameda County did pass it.
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I would like to note that 16 Sep was actually the first Independence Day celebrated in Alta California, since 4 Jul didn't take effect until US annexation.

Happy bicentennial to the folks in Baja CA, and the rest of the republic of México!
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138 pages full of awesome.

Proposition 8 supporters can bite my shiny metal ass.
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You wake up at 3 AM thinking there was a little earthquake nearby, and the first thing you do is grab your iPhone and look at the page you keep bookmarked.

Seriously, I have the map centered at 38N/122W open on my phone. That happened to me yesterday morning.

ETA to fix USGS link.
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As a Friday afternoon palate cleanser, I offer for your delectation:
Somebody set the #demonsheep ad to a soundtrack of Pink Floyd's "Sheep".
It's definitely improved, because you don't have to hear the political blather.
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Thanks to the efforts of [personal profile] emceeaich, [personal profile] elainegrey and [ profile] sparkymonster, I will now have nightmares about knitting yarn made from the fleece of #demonsheep!

The flock of #normalsheep that were grazing by Hwy 237 seems to have disappeared. Coincidence?
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Land at SFO and get the news about that forever accursed ruling sanctioning bigotry. Besides other measures, ought we to try going all Rose Bird on the "justices" that voted to uphold this crap?
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I’m so bitterly out of charity with the 52% of California voters who voted to enshrine discrimination in our constitution *after* our Supreme Court courageously affirmed the basic human rights of my LGBT neighbors to be overwhelmingly joyful at the thought of President Obama.

I take some minor consolation from the fact that 8’s margin of victory is quite a bit smaller than the victory for Proposition 22 a few years back. There may be hope that the messages of fear will lose their potency in the future; however, I sorrow for my neighbors who have to continue suffering attacks until my state collectively gets a frakking clue.

I donated money to help counter the messages of intolerance but did not phone bank, canvass, or demonstrate; I get too emotional about this issue for me to be the most effective advocate even when I’m among people who share my views.

I’m not sure what kind of legal action can be taken to challenge this; I saw yesterday's argument in [ profile] pecunium's lj and a lawyerly lj friend noted that particular approach may not fly with the California Supreme Court. I don’t hold out much hope for the US Supreme Court in its current configuration to say that separate is not equal in this case.

So, keep up the good fight in MA and CT, it was fun being in the club with you for a brief bright time. Hopefully, we'll rejoin you one day older and wiser.
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Patrick Marleau just scored a goal to break the team record for most goals scored while wearing the teal and black. *squeee*
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The past couple of weeks, we've had a herd of goats grazing on the sides of the road on Interstate 680 in Fremont eating all those delicious (to them!) overgrown weeds. They're for hire if you're relatively local and in the market for organic vegetation management. It's been fun to see them scarfing away while I'm stuck in traffic.
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My sister and brother and their families have a new Congresscritter; Richard Pombo went *down*. This election was the first time I wished I lived in the 925 area code so I could vote against him.
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The home town turns 50 today. I slag it hard at times, and yes, growing up there in the '70s has provided me plenty of ammunition, but right now, it's a much more busy, interesting, and diverse place than it was when I was a kid. Here's to fifty more, and may the Hayward Fault treat us kindly.


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