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In a comment to yesterday's entry on Twilight, [ profile] catchmyfancy recommended a two part fic (Buffy/True Blood/Twilight) that features "Vampires and the Women Who Love Them". Part one is the girls, and part two is the vamps.

I haven't gotten very far in the Sookie books (although I like them far better than Twilight), but these stories are excessively diverting.
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I have been mired about a third of the way through for almost a month. For me, this is a hard slog, since I am a fast reader of things I like.

[ profile] whumpdotcom gave me the shirt [ profile] voidampersand told me about for Valentine's Day; it sums up my feelings quite well.

And here's to snarky non-sparkly vampires! I wonder how Edward would match up against Spike né William the Bloody Awful or Angelus or (bwahahahah) Drusilla.
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I've been going to Sharks games at the Tank since the second year in SJ, and it took until now for me to see a hat trick. Our captain came through, and it's a good thing he did. Obviously, not enough Sharks are Buffy fans, because they haven't *quite* mastered the art of slayage. You grab Mr. Pointy (conveniently fashioned from the nearest broken stick), stab, and *dust* the vamp. Modifying this for hockey rules means that once you have been blessed with a three goal lead, you don't let up and you keep hammering the other team until the final horn sounds. Forget this, and the Hockey Gods will give your opponent new life and things get *real tense*.


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