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By way of [personal profile] supergee and Geek Feminism, a new hero of mine subverts a dominant paradigm with her little brother.

I bow humbly in admiration at her mad feminist skillz, and say to her little brother, "we accept you, we accept you, one of us!"
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Damn! This is good stuff. Devoured the first book yesterday, and am about a quarter of the way through book 2 (yes, I have book 3 too).

Spoilerific squee/comments anyone?

(if you haven't read these books, avoid the comments)
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Some kind soul pointed me at the blog Following Jane which is written by a man discovering the Divine Miss Austen for the first time. Lucky fellow.
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aka [ profile] seanan_mcguire.

I am not a major devotee of the zombie genre, but Feed scared the wits out of me and kept me awake last night. Once I got sucked into the tale of bloggers, virology, zombies, post Rising cultural shifts, and politics, I had to keep going.

I enjoyed the first two October Daye urban fantasy books she wrote under her real name, but this new series has got me even more hooked. Good stuff.
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One word summary: More!

I squeeeed with delight when I saw that my pre-ordered book had shown up yesterday. It immediately jumped to the top of the queue.

I just finished my first readthrough (I am a fast reader, but the first reading is for plot, and later readings are for savoring), and I am thoroughly sucked into this world.

Yes, it's book one of a trilogy, but it really does stand alone.

Thank you, [ profile] nojojojo
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Could somebody check the first page of Chapter 10 of Raj Patel's book Value of Nothing and see if there's a footnote linking to Kung Fu Monkey? Muito obrigado!

[profile] txanne thinks there's a possibility that this is a omission in the e-book, and it would be good to check the dead tree edition.

I'm looking at the footnotes for chapter 10 in the Kindle edition and can't find any attribution. There's also nothing in the index for LotR.
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I really want to thank [profile] tandw for fact checking my earlier entry about Raj Patel's book. You rule.

Now, my ill-fitting crankypants make me direct my ire at Patel and his publisher. I was really enjoying the book and would recommend it to others, and now, I can't in good conscience. This is a case where blogging is far more useful, easily correctable, and accurate than books. One can only hope that this gets corrected in a future edition. I'm glad in my case that only electrons got diverted.
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to the Divine Miss Austen, who brightens my life with and without zombies, sea monsters, and mummies.
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Today is Ursula Kroeber LeGuin's eightieth birthday, and also the fortieth anniversary of the publication of Left Hand of Darkness.

I came across the Earthsea books at least thirty-five years ago (the actual date is rusty) at my local library and was never quite the same after that. Besides Left Hand and the Earthsea books, the LeGuin books that continue to rock my world with every re-read are The Dispossessed and Always Coming Home.

It was very important to me that Potlatch 18 (in Sunnyvale, CA earlier this year) honored Always Coming Home as one of its books of honor this year, because that book captures the physical reality and spirit of Northern California. Having Ursula there as part of the con made it even more special to me, because it was an opportunity to honor and thank somebody who created a special book while she is still here to hear it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ursula. May we have the blessing of your presence for years to come.
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If I listed all the writers I want to thank, it would be a case of tl;dr, so I'm going to thank the folks that got me reading the stuff back in the dark 1970s:

Ursula K. LeGuin: The Earthsea books got me started, and The Left Hand of Darkness and the Dispossessed got me hooked.

Isaac Asimov: The Foundation books, although I cringe at the gender roles in these books now.

J.R.R. Tolkien: My fifth grade teacher tried to get the class reading The Hobbit, but that didn't work. A fair chunk of us did get hooked on LotR in high school, I guess we needed to be a bit older to get fished in. I may not be quite as big a fan as [ profile] calimac, but I come fairly close.

I want to thank all the writers of my acquaintance, many thanks for all the good reading, and may you continue to flourish in your art.
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Between Sourcebooks, Harlequin, and Arrow in the UK, it looks like there is an conspiracy against me compelling me to get a full set of Heyer's Georgian/Regency/historical romances in really nice trade editions (I am not intrigued by her mysteries, though). I've been having a good time re-reading the books as the new editions come into my hot little hands. I'd say A Civil Contract is my favorite, followed closely by Frederica and The Grand Sophy.

Those of you on my flist who are Heyer addicts, what say you? Which books get re-read? What is your comfort reading matter? Which ones won't get pried out of your cold dead hands?
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My iPhone (DuctTape DRD) now plays nicely with Hypatia the Kindle (v1.0). I can access anything I got through Amazon for the Kindle on my phone. Thanks to Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for info on the new application for the phone.
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In a comment to yesterday's entry on Twilight, [ profile] catchmyfancy recommended a two part fic (Buffy/True Blood/Twilight) that features "Vampires and the Women Who Love Them". Part one is the girls, and part two is the vamps.

I haven't gotten very far in the Sookie books (although I like them far better than Twilight), but these stories are excessively diverting.
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I have been mired about a third of the way through for almost a month. For me, this is a hard slog, since I am a fast reader of things I like.

[ profile] whumpdotcom gave me the shirt [ profile] voidampersand told me about for Valentine's Day; it sums up my feelings quite well.

And here's to snarky non-sparkly vampires! I wonder how Edward would match up against Spike né William the Bloody Awful or Angelus or (bwahahahah) Drusilla.


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