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4.0 on the Hayward Fault

In the hills behind Union City, my dear friend the Hayward Fault decided to let herself be known.
I had just gotten home from work (a late night) and I heard a little rattling and the towels in the bathroom were twitching.

Otherwise, no problem. I reported my findings to the USGS for SCIENCE!
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Thanks to musingvirtual on Twitter, this article from the Atlantic locates the nominal center of Silicon Valley right under one of the oldest buildings (since torn down) that belonged to $FORMEREMPLOYER. I actually worked in two of their buildings about a block away, and $CURRENTEMPLOYER is about a half mile away from this.
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Mr. Galvan was an elder of the Ohlone people, and his family are significant contributors to the community of Fremont. I will note that he and his family helped change the museum at Mission San José to provide far more information about the lives of the Ohlones than was available during my childhood.

Thank you, and may perpetual light shine upon you.

New space

Feb. 23rd, 2013 03:19 pm
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[personal profile] emceeaich and I, along with the Beneficent Feline Overladies, have relocated to the Loft of Fur, Fiber, and Fruity Widgets, which is a subset of the International Santa Clara Walnut Growers League of Evil, as of the Ides of February, 2013. Message me if you need the spatial coordinates, the cellular/email coordinates remain unchanged.
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Matt Cain, 2012
Dallas Braden, 2010
Catfish Hunter, 1968

Glad to see the Giants join this elite group of teams.
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That little cluster of earthquakes up in San Leandro? Didn't feel them at all down here in Sunnyvale. Not sure if I would have felt them if I was still in Fremont.

So, the Goddess of plate tectonics must be rattling the Hayward fault as a caution to us jaded Californians to go easy on the East coast and remind ourselves where the emergency kit is. All I can ask Her is not to jump up and down too hard, ok?
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The California results seem to be somewhat looking up. Glad Meg and Carly got shot down. Didn't expect 19 to pass statewide, but Alameda County did pass it.
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Here's to my merry band of misfits in seasonally appropriate colors heading to the World Series.

I do have a baseball pecking order:
AL: Oakland and anybody playing the Yankees (and to a lesser degree the Angels)
NL: San Francisco and anybody playing the Dodgers (to a lesser degree the Padres)
Transbay smackdowns: 510 area code over 415 every time (hello, 1989?!)
General preference: AL over NL (I've spent more time in the Coliseum than the Stick/AT&T)

The 2010 Giants sort of remind me of an updated version of the early '70s Oakland A's.

If the Baseball Gods finally show the Giants some love, I figure the partying will be good training for when the Sharks win the Cup.
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but then again, it's hard to tell, because black is our preferred clothing color. We lost George Blanda today at the age of 83; he played against the Raiders in their first game ever back in September of '60, and then he joined us and had his best years wearing #16. I went to a game back when I was a kid, and he was Lamonica's backup (Stabler was the third stringer, that's how long ago that was). Gonna miss the Old Man. First Jack Tatum, now Blanda. Damn.

*yes, I'm old school (pre LA move) Raider Nation, we were born the same year.
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Thanks to [personal profile] twistedchick, I hear about rogue knitters modifying a Berkeley sculpture that disses their neighbor to the south. As a knitter, and 4th generation native Oaklander, I cheer them.
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On the way home from work last night, my Dusty Rose Hoopty ('93 Geo Prizm) hit 200,000 miles on the odometer. Needless to say, this is a landmark worthy of lauds (I had to snap a picture of it on the phone), and interestingly enough, it happened at the intersection of Mission Boulevard and Warm Springs Boulevard, really close to the Hoopty's birthplace (the now closed NUMMI plant). My late father, who originally bought the car and worked at NUMMI, should be amused looking down at the Hoopty.

Its new longevity objective is 238,328 miles (the equivalent distance from the Earth to the Moon, measured on the semi-major orbital axis). Continue to thrive, Hoopty!
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to remind me not to bitch about the usual 1-10 work shift. I needed to come in on day shift today, and not only did I have to remove a nice soft purring cat from on top of my arm at 7:00AM, the morning drive took me one hour and twenty minutes (it usually takes me a half hour). I can thank a chain reaction accident on westbound 237 for this one.
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This week, the NUMMI plant in my fair city closes for good. I have a family tie to the plant; my late father worked there in security and fire protection in the GM days (1962-1982), he was taking care of security for the closed plant until it reopened in 1984 under NUMMI, and then he was in charge of security from 1984 until he retired in 1998. I think he really enjoyed working there at the end.

My last two cars have been Geo Prizms born in Warm Springs, live in Mission San Jose, and have the Fremont-to-Sunnyvale commute memorized. My current drive is a '93 Prizm that has very close to 200K on the odometer; it doesn't look as pretty as it used to (my fault), but it still gets close to 30 mpg. They made damn good cars there at NUMMI. I'm driving that dusty rose hoopty until it drops.

As I was driving to work past NUMMI this afternoon, KALW was airing the episode of This American Life that discusses the history of the Fremont plant. I was delighted to hear an interview with one of my father's good friends who was a GM exec assigned to NUMMI and then tried to get the rest of the corporation to learn from it (too little, too late, the old culture died hard).

The local ABC station has news clips of the plant's history, and my dad is briefly in the video of the initial news conference sitting in the audience. Interestingly enough, they also caught one of my brothers videotaping the news conference for the local college.

Dad's been gone for seven years now today, and part of the legacy he helped leave behind is ending tomorrow. Things all go full circle.

Here's hoping that the plant site can be reborn into a better life for the 21st century. Good luck and thank you to all those folks who helped NUMMI be great.
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You wake up at 3 AM thinking there was a little earthquake nearby, and the first thing you do is grab your iPhone and look at the page you keep bookmarked.

Seriously, I have the map centered at 38N/122W open on my phone. That happened to me yesterday morning.

ETA to fix USGS link.
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10:09 AM, 4.1 centered by the Calaveras Reservoir.

I was on the second floor of a medical office building and things shook and rumbled for about five seconds. I went ahead and reported my observations to the USGS for SCIENCE.

Interestingly enough, Mom says she only felt one jolt when she was standing in the kitchen at home and no rumbles. Our neighbor two doors down felt it more and heard the rumbles. Mom and I must be lucky in our house, we seem to have the least sensitivity in our immediate neighborhood.
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I have posted in the past on my lj about the flock of rent-a-goats that goes around the Bay Area eating the weeds growing on the sides of highways. Now, Highway 237 in the South Bay has its resident flock of sheep that graze the empty land just north of the freeway between Zanker Road and North First Street. Of course, as a knitter and spinner, I wonder who gets the wool from these sheep.
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thanks to [ profile] shweta_narayan, I bring you Periodic Table cupcakes courtesy of some UC Berkeley folks with too much time and baking materials on hand. Also: some fun snarkage at Stanford's expense.

I especially appreciate the empty cupcake liner for ununseptium (element 117 still has to be discovered).

When I was in the chemistry club at Santa Clara U, one of my friends and I made sugar cookies for a fair that we decorated with the symbols of the elements. If I remember correctly, arsenic, silicon, and californium were the big sellers. Ah, Silicon Valley educations....
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The Silicon Valley Roller Girls are having their last bout of the year on Saturday, November 14th in San Jose (SVRG's Dot.Kamikazes take on the Humboldt Roller Derby, and SVRG's KillaBytes take on Brentwood's Brawlin' Bettys). Question for local folks seeing this, are you up for this?

(Yes, [personal profile] emceeaich and I saw "Whip It" last weekend, and had a blast)


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