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Matt Cain, 2012
Dallas Braden, 2010
Catfish Hunter, 1968

Glad to see the Giants join this elite group of teams.
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Here's to my merry band of misfits in seasonally appropriate colors heading to the World Series.

I do have a baseball pecking order:
AL: Oakland and anybody playing the Yankees (and to a lesser degree the Angels)
NL: San Francisco and anybody playing the Dodgers (to a lesser degree the Padres)
Transbay smackdowns: 510 area code over 415 every time (hello, 1989?!)
General preference: AL over NL (I've spent more time in the Coliseum than the Stick/AT&T)

The 2010 Giants sort of remind me of an updated version of the early '70s Oakland A's.

If the Baseball Gods finally show the Giants some love, I figure the partying will be good training for when the Sharks win the Cup.
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SF3 is doing the right thing, the Giants won game 4, and if the Sharks can demonstrate they know how to play hockey tomorrow night, it's a nice end to the week.
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Note to self: Don't panic yet. One shitty game early in the series can be considered a learning experience. (send this message telepathically up Interstate 880 to the Coliseum).

I continue to live in hope of a green and gold October.


Oct. 6th, 2006 04:04 pm
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My dream of a green and gold October continues, thanks to a strong outing by Haren and a monster bottom of the 7th inning with four runs (Marco Scutaro!).

The Twins made us work hard for this, but it's nice to see the A's be able to win that clinching game when it's been such a long wait.

Now, let's go Detroit!
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However, the voice of reason honed by past postseason disappointments tells me that the Green and Gold have to win one at home to avoid going back to that frakking dome.
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The ghost of Bill King smiles yet again on the Green and Gold.
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Let's hear it for the 2006 AL Western Division champion Oakland Athletics!

Bill King is looking down from the ultimate skybox and smiling big time. I was delighted to see a contingent of Oakland fans at the game tonight in Seattle chanting "let's go Oak-land!".


Jun. 21st, 2006 10:55 pm
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I thank [ profile] voidampersand for the Holy Toledo icon!

and the A's avoided getting swept by the Rockies and are back on top of the AL West by a game!
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I noticed this afternoon that the Oakland A's home uniforms sport a patch on their arms with a microphone and the immortal words of the irreplaceable Bill King.

Yeah, I know it sucks that Drew Remenda will no longer be broadcasting for the Sharks, but losing Bill King hurts much worse. The man was a Bay Area institution.


Oct. 26th, 2005 09:14 pm
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My only regret is that Jermaine Dye didn't do this wearing green and gold. Now the Cubbies need to break their hoodoo.


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