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When I was checking email this morning, I saw a mention by's Katie McDonough about yet another article telling college-educated women that they should snag their man while still in school otherwise they're doomed to spinsterhood. As I roll my eyes at this timeworn set of heterosexist patriarchy-sustaining platitudes that "Princeton Mom" trots out, you gentle readers may note that I have utterly failed to follow her advice. In the almost thirty-two years since I graduated, I have spent exactly one single month in the wedded state, and that milestone doesn't officially happen until this Sunday the 16th. Never let it be said that I rushed into this particular life-changing choice!

There was a running joke back in the day at my beloved alma mater that you're supposed to find your one true love there, take Theology of Marriage your senior year, and then approximately eighteen months after graduation, get married in Mission Santa Clara. Besides the fact that the Jesuit who was teaching that course ended up leaving the Society of Jesus a few years later on to get married (focusing on the lab section, not the lecture!), there was *no freaking way* I was going to replace needed chemistry labs with that course.

My beloved spousal unit noted to me over dinner this evening that it probably would be a very good thing for "Princeton Mom" never to run into yours truly in a dark alley, upon which I noted that if I had just one bullet and ran into both her and He Who Must Not Be Named, she would get off easy.

Now, I'm going to be charitable and say that probably there has been a lot of relationships featuring members of the SCU class of '82 that started off while we were in school that are still going strong. I will even note (gasp!) that my Evil College Boyfriend may actually have become a decent spouse for the someone else he left me for, but that I really don't have the time or spoons to find that tidbit out. All I know is that if I had taken her advice, and married that young man that I did share a lot of background in common, it would have been an utter disaster for me and I sure as hell would be living a much different life than I have right now (my cynical self says that I would be probably be either divorced or doing time for ridding the planet of him).

Le sigh.
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