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[personal profile] elainegrey asks What do you notice about the quality of the light this time of year?

One thing I am grateful for at home is that our windows face south, so we get the low sun for most of the day. The pots of herbs on the porch by the front door are leaning southward to get as much of the the light as they can. The folks on the north side of the building seem to be in shade all the time. I never have had to use a light box so far in the winter, but I wonder if I would need one if I didn’t have this sun come in during the day.

I also enjoy looking at the setting sun lighting up the eastern hills in a warm golden glow because it’s lower in the sky and has to fight through more atmosphere. We don’t get quite that golden effect during the summer, so it’s something to appreciate during our shortest days.

Date: 2013-12-22 08:55 pm (UTC)
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We first moved to Ballard because it was kind of close to some art car friends. They had an east and south facing apartment, and ours is north and east facing. I was envious of their sweeping southern views (downtown and Rainier) ... until a heat wave later that summer. Their apartment never cooled down, whereas ours never warmed up.

That said, there's some new building going on that will cut down on the light we get into our north facing windows, which will make them significantly darker. Oh well.


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