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I have lived my entire life on Muwekma Ohlone land, specifically the villages of Oroysom and Tamyen. On Indigenous Peoples Day, I want to take a little time to talk about the Galvan family of Oroysom (Fremont, California).

I grew up in the Mission San Jose district of Fremont. My parish church (Saint Joseph's) is the fourteenth mission that the Franciscans founded in Alta California.

The mission church was destroyed in the Hayward Fault earthquake of 1868. One small portion of the mission remained and is a museum. When I was growing up, it pretty much focused on the religious nature of the mission, and had very little about the Ohlone. Fortunately, things have changed.

One of the local families in my parish were the Galvans. They are Ohlone. One of the sons, Andrew, is a historian focusing on the Ohlone. Michael, another son, is a Catholic priest, and for a while, was one of the priests in my parish. I thought it was cool at the time when I was younger that Fr. Michael was one of our priests, but yes, the irony is there in full force.

When the Mission got restored in the 1980's, there was a concerted effort spurred by Andrew Galvan and his family (his father was one of the local elders) to update the museum to show more of Ohlone life. The church stuff is there, but there's a whole lot more about the Ohlone. Check it out.

Thank you Andrew and Father Michael. Respect to the Ohlone people.
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This makes me sad, but having the LJ servers move to Russia was the last straw.
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Ok, I freaking hate the whole NYresolution thing because it just becomes one more damn thing to beat myself up with come mid-January.

And this year is gonna be tough enough without adding that. I do have a suggestion of something to *try* to get through 2017.

Find something good when you're getting your information intake, and get strength from it.

The new regime wants us demoralized and weakened by a constant stream of bad and worse so we can't effectively resist. This goes beyond US borders because there's similar movements like the new regime going on everywhere.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.

I thank

Nov. 26th, 2015 10:38 am
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[personal profile] emceeaich
their Felinitys Yukino and Hitomi
the feline overladies in training Elizabeth and Lydia Bennet-Tribble
all the sheep, goats, yaks, silkworms, etc. who give me fiber
my sister R who lives her life offline and her awesome family
Neko Atsume
and all of you out there!
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4.0 on the Hayward Fault

In the hills behind Union City, my dear friend the Hayward Fault decided to let herself be known.
I had just gotten home from work (a late night) and I heard a little rattling and the towels in the bathroom were twitching.

Otherwise, no problem. I reported my findings to the USGS for SCIENCE!
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[personal profile] emceeaich posted the bulletin about my mother's death a couple of weeks ago, and I've been off in radio silence. I'm still processing this.

However, hearing that we've lost Suzette from [personal profile] james_davis_nicoll and [personal profile] supergee is making me think more about eldering and communication as well as musing about losing a parent.

I treasure her fiction. The images of the elder linguist women in Barren Houses plotting subversion with hands busy working fiber arts and sending messages coded in recipes, and the wisdom and humor of the Ozark Grannys are priceless. I only hope I can age like that.

Her non-fiction books about nonviolent communication are also soooo useful. I need a refresher course on this. And of course, reading her LJ posts on [ profile] ozarque was fascinating. I've missed hearing from her since dementia made her go silent. As a commenter on James Nicoll's LJ noted, it is so sad that somebody who was so insightful about communication had to lose that ability at the end of her life. My condolences go out to George Elgin and her family and friends.

Give her eternal rest, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her.
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We are open to suggestions about stopping Yukino (and [personal profile] telophase's Sora) from pooping outside the box.
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And we didn't even have to deploy [personal profile] telophase's tech solution!

The culprit is Her Felinity, Yukino, Queen of Naughtiness. (our primary feline of interest)
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Kitten Therapy: A Prescription for Stress

The Tribble Sisters aren't little bitty things any more; I get doses of teenage/twentysomething kitties now.
Something like this would be useful at no-kill shelters to help socialize the furballs. Betcha they'd find homes really fast too.

This is also like those cat clubs in Tokyo that give city dwellers furry time to enjoy if they don't have room for them at home.
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[personal profile] telophase's latest bit of household tech implemented to catch a certain kitty who is failing litterbox manners and pooping Outside The Box (we have at least one of those too) has got me wishing for the ideal Internet of Things Kitty Nannycam:

secure access for cat Meowmys and just them, not the rest of the Internet!
triggers The Squirt Bottle of Loving Correction when certain wannabe furry bedroom slippers (I'm talking to you, Miss Elizabeth Bennet-Tribble, and you, Yukino) start prowling on work surfaces in the kitchen looking for noms

Other useful features to suggest?
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Madison Bumgarner for God. Panda Sandoval for St. Peter.

(and the A's have been avenged like in '12)
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Any other commentary could spoil the fun. Blame my beloved spouse [personal profile] emceeaich for this.

Edited to fix link.
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So, let's see, Anita Sarkeesian gets invited to speak at Utah State University by their Center for Women and Gender. This invitation brings out the usual festering shitthrowing with a topping of a threat of mass violence directed at Sarkeesian and attendees at this event. "Enhanced security procedures" be damned, because according to Utah state law, the right of somebody with a valid concealed carry permit to bring their weapon to the event trumps the ability to safely hold the event.

Let's be blunt here, this tells me that any place in this country with carry permits is the least safe place to speak out against the power of the state and the ability of men to control the lives of women. Last time I checked, this is a classic fascist tactic. I'm not safe from these threats here at home, but at least here, law enforcement such as it is, still finds this illegal as hell.

And now, this means that I've got to think seriously about staying well away from any place in this country with laws like this. Wisconsin, unfortunately, this means you.

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If somebody in the UK says something is "pants"; is this a good thing or a bad thing?
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They made the 175K goal, now they're trying to get to 200K. [personal profile] emceeaich still has room in the matching pledge, so go for it!
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[personal profile] emceeaich is doing a matching pledge to get the Ada Initiative over the hump to teach fifteen people at WisCon 39 how to lead Ally Skills workshops. Help my beloved spouse fork over the $, ok?
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I hereby enlist in the Insect Army Reader's Auxiliary, Coccinellidae Division! Ladybugs rock and we are not wussy! Show your spots with pride!!!!
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When I was checking email this morning, I saw a mention by's Katie McDonough about yet another article telling college-educated women that they should snag their man while still in school otherwise they're doomed to spinsterhood. As I roll my eyes at this timeworn set of heterosexist patriarchy-sustaining platitudes that "Princeton Mom" trots out, you gentle readers may note that I have utterly failed to follow her advice. In the almost thirty-two years since I graduated, I have spent exactly one single month in the wedded state, and that milestone doesn't officially happen until this Sunday the 16th. Never let it be said that I rushed into this particular life-changing choice!

There was a running joke back in the day at my beloved alma mater that you're supposed to find your one true love there, take Theology of Marriage your senior year, and then approximately eighteen months after graduation, get married in Mission Santa Clara. Besides the fact that the Jesuit who was teaching that course ended up leaving the Society of Jesus a few years later on to get married (focusing on the lab section, not the lecture!), there was *no freaking way* I was going to replace needed chemistry labs with that course.

My beloved spousal unit noted to me over dinner this evening that it probably would be a very good thing for "Princeton Mom" never to run into yours truly in a dark alley, upon which I noted that if I had just one bullet and ran into both her and He Who Must Not Be Named, she would get off easy.

Now, I'm going to be charitable and say that probably there has been a lot of relationships featuring members of the SCU class of '82 that started off while we were in school that are still going strong. I will even note (gasp!) that my Evil College Boyfriend may actually have become a decent spouse for the someone else he left me for, but that I really don't have the time or spoons to find that tidbit out. All I know is that if I had taken her advice, and married that young man that I did share a lot of background in common, it would have been an utter disaster for me and I sure as hell would be living a much different life than I have right now (my cynical self says that I would be probably be either divorced or doing time for ridding the planet of him).

Le sigh.


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