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[personal profile] emceeaich tweeted a link to a very complicated slide rule. I never learned how to use one; I'm just young enough to have calculators around. I got to take home one of the first programmable HP calculators in high school; I had to promise an arm and a leg and my non-existent eldest male child to bring it back intact. I did learn how to interpolate from logarithm tables, though, and I still have my CRC math tables book.
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Geek Feminism finds a colossal pile of gender essentialist fail perpetrated by an marketing executive at My Former Company (a woman, which just shows that this particular fail gene is not Y-chromosome linked).

I spent over *twenty* years at that place. If this is the prevailing attitude in 2010, imagine what it was like for women during my tenure there ('82-'03).

Remind me to thank Goddess I'm out of there, remind me how shitty my mood was when I got home (don't talk to me for at least 1 hour), and pray that the next generation of geek feminists smashes this attitude to nanoscale bits.
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My iPhone (DuctTape DRD) now plays nicely with Hypatia the Kindle (v1.0). I can access anything I got through Amazon for the Kindle on my phone. Thanks to Smart Bitches, Trashy Books for info on the new application for the phone.
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Obvious name for a Kindle, yes? Spent the evening getting Mom's toy set up. Tomorrow is Hypatia's turn.
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The new shiny! won't be in my hot little hands until Wednesday, and I'll post updates about my initial experience then.
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I failed my saving roll against shiny!! a little while ago and got my mother and I Kindles. Any early adopters on my flist care to share their experiences? This might help with the storage issues of dead-tree biblioholism.
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I need to erase the turkey TMI I saw on Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs". In our quest for the perfect all white meat Thanksgiving dinner, turkeys now require technological interventions in order to perpetuate themselves, and [ profile] whumpdotcom and I got to see how it's done. Some things just ain't right.
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If there's something from yesterday afternoon to this coming Sunday evening that you think I really need to see, it may be best to email me the linky goodness.


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