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I've asked permission to share this story that somebody on my flist shared with me. I do not choose to disclose hir user name because I do not want anybody getting all judgmental on them. This has triggers for discussion of suicide.

I am absolutely certain that there are too many people out there in this boat, but this needs to be heard. )

If you read hir story, I want you to sit there with your discomfort for a moment. Imagine the young people you come in contact with and know that some of them are absolutely certainly in the same boat as hir.

Now, I challenge us to think about ways we can fix this fuckedupness.
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By way of @nkjemisin on Twitter:

Suze Orman describes the devil's bargain of the current state of higher education financing in the US.

The implications of this are mind-boggling, and then I look at my nieces and nephews (and everybody else's kids), and I say: OH SHIT WE ARE ALL SO HOSED.

She's stating some cold hard facts here (US-centric, and I'm interested in hearing from folks outside the US about their situations) that make it damned clear that the current system is rigged to benefit the 1%. Everybody else, you get to get loaded up with debt on the order of magnitude of 30 year home mortgages to get a job that probably won't even make a dent in those payments for a long long time. And, this doesn't just affect the folks going to private universities, the public options are getting less and less affordable every single year. And the for-profit institutions are even more insidious...

How the frakking hell do you expect to keep a society running under these conditions? Things have got to change.
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This Morning Edition story isn't as amusing as the one I noted earlier. The US Department of Education is pushing standardized testing for colleges and universities.

What, they're not satisfied with what they're doing to primary and secondary education by pushing schools to teach to a test, they want to drag down the colleges as well? There was a comment in the story about colleges and universities getting far more federal money than do primary and secondary schools, so there's even more incentive for the feds to exert influence here.

As a proud Santa Claran, all I can say is, Saint Ignatius, pray for us. I don't want to even imagine this happening to my school.

I'm also curious to hear from those on my flist outside the US. Do your colleges and universities undergo standardized testing?


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