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Jan. 28th, 2015 05:38 am
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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] meletor_et_al

A high compliment

Jan. 28th, 2015 01:51 am
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(linkdude has linked a thing where some straight person seems to be performing poutyface about having overheard some queerfolks blow off steam about "the straights" or whatevz, and is being all "LOOK IF YOU'N REALLY TRULY *WANT* ALLIES...". Channel has taken a digression or two. Highlights-involving-me with some context follow.)

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The loonpills, they do nothing!

Jan. 28th, 2015 01:21 am
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04:22 Sunday, 25 January, 2015
This weekend is being much less exciting than last weekend. So far, I have: gone on a minor Costco run Friday night, slept, slept, gone out in semi-fruitless search of sourdough bread (the good sourdough at Sprouts vanishes quickly), and now re-indigoed my hair.

00:58 Wednesday, 28 January, 2015
Tuesday: didn't get as much sleep, slogged into work. Had a fascinating hallway chat with Mr. Wizard Beard, who has pruned his formerly glorious facial tresses back down to a reasonable inch or two of starting point. Lunch was nice even though the sandwich was uninspiring. Purple and the guys were talking about heat sinks. (A lot of times various of the guys will ask Purple to explain a thing. It's great.) I googled up illustrative pictures.

The Dean has made the jump from Extra Special Groundskeeper to HR (Parties Division). I think it's a good change for him. He wandered through on his way back from lunch. We are trying to pin down a date for the kickoff of the You Haven't Seen That?!?!? movie night series. On his way off, he made some casual reference to the contents of Blade Runner. I indicated confusion and unfamiliarity. "You haven't seen that?!!??!!" he asked, proving the relevance of the series title.

I do like taking notes on a nice large sheet of paper. I should make sure to do the Printout of Things for the 1:1 more often again, as it's a helpful framework. My manager said some reasonably encouraging things, even though they were not the sunny-day path. Also, some projects! Whee!

Among many other small items of the day, there was a fellow bemoaning the lack of jam in his building on [off-topic]. One of my unofficial duties is to make sure that random stuff that comes up in [off-topic] gets properly handled, so after mentioning that I had seen jam in my building (today, with no boom), I cracked open the user console for the helpdesk. After a few false starts, I selected the category most likely to correspond with jam tomorrow, even if there was no jam today.

"Jelly in [off-topic-guy's-building] invisible. Jelly in [ajlunatic's-building] visible. Please look into this." File on behalf of: remove ajlunatic, insert off-topic-guy, submit.

Watch confirmation page load. Look for link to ticket to add ajlunatic as cc. Realize that last week's overhaul of user-facing console removed the module containing the most recently filed ticket link from the left-hand side, perhaps because it was too fucking wide on a page with generally shittastic use of space. Realize that because some fuckhead thought all Facilities tickets (kitchen issues included) should be fucking private as all fuckery, I can't jump over to the terrible blue-and-white interface to add myself (or, well, grab the ticket number and whine to helpdesk).

Write up the newly fucking discovered goddamn bug involving the workflow of the fucking assistant, and file it the fuck against the goddamn system.

Call helpdesk. "Hi, I need to be added to a ticket I just filed on behalf of a colleague."
"No, I don't know the ticket number, and I can't find it, it's in Facilites."
"Let me spell his name."
Two minutes pass.
"No, it wasn't technical, it was in Facilities. Under Food & Drink, I think."
Another three minutes.
I spell my own user ID, and I am at last added to the ticket.

I am still cursing in IRC when Purple shows up to drag me away from the computer for the night. (My dad is much better about praise and constructive criticism.)

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Jan. 28th, 2015 07:54 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] cliosfolly and [personal profile] intertext!

Reading on Wednesday

Jan. 28th, 2015 12:25 pm
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First up: stay warm, all friends in snowy, snowy places!  :)

And ..things I've been reading, this past week

I am slogging on with My Name is Red, by Orhan Pamuk.  It's an interesting, but for me, distinctly not an easy read - I'm not sure how much this is because it's culturally a jump for me - it's sixteenth-century Ottoman Empire, in the lives and concerns of miniaturists, painting/illuminating those glorious manuscripts of tales.  So far - I'm just over halfway through - I haven't felt the utterly compelling sense of involvement in the lives of the characters which is one thing I enjoy in reading.  Maybe it's not what the writer is wanting to produce, though?  Lots of it is philosophical, thinking about art and artifice and theology - it's set as Islam begins to edge towards (if I'm reading correctly - much ignorance here) the strong anti-depiction theology of today.  And that sort of thinking-through of values and changes is also something I enjoy a lot in reading; and that part is starting to grip.

Thanks to the post three lines from three WIPs meme, I have found my way to a whole new story-cycle by [personal profile] cofax7  - it's a combination of two fandoms I don't know, taking the protagonists of Supernatural, and putting them in a world known as Riderverse from novels by  CJ Cherryh. Rivetting!

Other reading:  The Railway Navvies: a history of the men who made the railways, by Terry Coleman.  I enjoyed this very much as a connector, linking the construction of railways in Britain with many things, like parallel European works and the Crimean War.  For example, it was the brilliant intervention of the railway baron,Morton Peto, who more or less pulled the British army from total disaster in the Crimea,by getting built (at cost) a railway to get supplies through;  Army officers were astonished at the speed, skill and cohesion of the workforce (all volunteers -paid,but not drafted).  It's popular history, not academic history, and won't be much new to any historian out there, but they're not in the general memory - or at least, they weren't in mine!  It's not terrific in terms of reliability - he is a little bit fast-and-loose with his sources - e.g. one source which he quotes as being about pipe-smoking among the navvies turns out on investigation to be about pipe-smoking among the women in the navvy community (not labourers - family).  But I thought it was great as a thought-provoker and for lots of sidelights on social history.  :)

also, come across by chance on the internet: an interesting paper called "Omitted from History: Women in the Building Trades" by Linda Clarke and Chris Wall, which gives details of legislation and actual figures of women involved in these trades in England over several centuries. Some of their sources are secondary, e.g. they bring from someone called Snell, the info that "in the southern counties of England between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries... 34% of parish apprentices were girls, who were apprenticed in 51 occupations including as bricklayers, carpenters, joiners and shipwrights".  But some are primary, such as the London 1841 Census figures.  All of which I found very interesting, though I have no particular use for it.  :)

editing to add:  And I made another ghastly bish-up trying to to get the neat link to [personal profile] cofax7 .  :(   Thanks to [personal profile] lady_songsmith  for bailing me out!

The cold, frozen reality of winter.

Jan. 27th, 2015 09:58 pm
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I went back to work today, which means our vacation's really really over for real. Sigh! I'm glad to be home, but I'm not so keen on the slippery white stuff that keeps falling from the sky. This was a lot more pleasant:

small sailboats dragged up on the sands of a cove

More photos of our Auckland adventure can be found here. I used the Bonjournal app to keep my family up-to-date & it worked out really well. Nice, simple interface.

It really didn't take me too long to get through my work inbox, both the physical and electronic versions, which was better than I'd expected. Apparently, I missed a series of three or four retaliatory gang shootings while I was gone, which I'd say was a relief, except, well, that's a peculiar thing to be relieved about. But I'm trying to finish a major validation project, so I'm glad one of my coworkers is handling those homicides.

I mainlined the entirety of season 10 of Master Chef (the UK version) on the plane on the way back, so I am looking forward to a free weekend when I can try cooking some new things. Like fresh pasta. Especially ravioli. Maybe a thai dish, too. Not that I ever want to cook professionally, but I can't watch one of those competitions without wanting to at least branch out a little.

Off to bed now. Got to get back on a good work night schedule.

You want to smother in all that hate?

Jan. 28th, 2015 12:53 am
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Posted by Fred Clark

• “I think Todd Starnes is mistaking Jesus for … well … not Jesus.”

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker gets dropkicked. This keeps happening. Right-wing politicians keep getting slammed by lefty musicians for trying to co-opt their music. I understand why the musicians are upset, but I don’t understand what the politicians are thinking. Why would an extremely anti-union Republican governor want to associate with a Woody Guthrie song recorded by a fiercely pro-union Celtic punk band? What part of Woody Guthrie does Walker not understand?

Bill Hicks’ 12 Rules for Blogging. (Technically, these are Hicks’ “12 Principles of Comedy,” but, still, it applies.)

ElmwoodPark• “Using provocative contrarianism to attract attention and then whining when people take the bait is not very sympathetic behavior.”

• “When Eugene ‘Bull’ Connor was not attacking unarmed children … he taught Sunday school.”

• In our new Republican Senate, the former Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights will now simply be called the Subcommittee on the Constitution — no more “civil rights and human rights” in the name. Similarly, what had been the subcommittee for Immigration, Refugees and Border Security has abandoned any reference to refugees and is now just the subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest.

• Publisher HarperCollins Christian and the Burpo family want everyone to know that they have no intention of retracting the miraculous story of their best-selling book Heaven Is for Real. Sure, that other Christian-brand publisher’s Fiji Mermaid turned out to be a hoax, but theirs is the real deal. Warren Throckmorton relays this news, skeptically.

Mike Huckabee and David Barton will both be speaking at a one-day conference in March just up the road at Lancaster Bible College. This may be the most exciting thing to happen at Lancaster Bible since the school’s 4-2 triumph in a men’s basketball game against Northeastern Bible College. (Yes: 4-to-2. The shot-clock was introduced for a reason.)

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NYE in Conconully cover

This is a short story, volume 1.5 of my Tales of the Unearthly Northwest.  It’s available at Smashwords now in many e-formats.  It’s coming very soon to Amazon and other major etailers, and in paper to CreateSpace, Amazon, and other major retailers.

If you’d like to read the first chapter, you can go here.

Of course, if you were a member of my mailing list, you’d already be reading this story for free [grin].  For future freebies and other good things, sign up here.

Mirrored from M.M. Justus -- adventures in the supernatural Old West.

Billie Holiday

Jan. 27th, 2015 07:14 pm
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The war on some drugs has always been a war on some races.

Thanx to [personal profile] onyxlynx
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It has decided to be very powdery on me today. Powdery, with a slight touch of soap, wood, and fruit. Very light on the fruit. Hmm. Florals are starting to come out.

This may be the scent I decided to wear for the day, having decided I needed to wear something, but I'm not entirely sure it suits my mood. I just felt like I shouldn't go default to A Quiet Morning again.
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Signed, keeps smelling something on my hand and thinking, "Oh, that's very nice!" and then remembering it's Carmex, as I went unscented today.


Totally accepting recs for Carmex-scented perfumes, with the caveat that all BPAL except Luperci goes straight to a Yankee Candle place on me, drat it.

[Random] On the plus side...

Jan. 27th, 2015 03:35 pm
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Having my passport in hand today (proof that I can work in the US for a temp pool at the University) did NOT end in me spontaneously heading for the border in a fit of "ALL MY PEOPLE ARE OLD AND DYING AND I MUST SEE THEM!" or anything like that.



Was pretty tempted.

Not like I'd have done so. There is, after all, a child to pick up from school and all that. Plus a phone interview tomorrow for which I need to prepare, though that wasn't scheduled yet.

Also, the nearest close relations are in Langley, which, while a very doable day trip, isn't exactly something to do spur of the moment. "HELLO, ELDERLY RELATIVES! I MISS YOU AND WISH TO PARTAKE OF YOUR HOSPITALITY AND HAVE FAILED TO GIVE YOU ADVANCE NOTICE!"

This does mean I need to convince my parents it's time to go up for a visit again, though.

They're all in their 80s now, except for my parents, who will be 79 this year.

Ah, the perils of having the entire extended family living in another country, and one with a weaker dollar. You're always the one going and seeing them. One cousin's kid has talked about coming down for a visit, but she keeps relying on Facebook chat, and I'm never on the thing, so it hasn't happened. (My cousins are all about a decade to a decade and a half older than me, except for the one I've never met and don't believe exists, who is maybe 7 or 8 years older. I'm closer in age in many cases to their kids. Closer in tastes, at least.)

This bout of melancholy brought to you by the letters C, A, and D. (Also, by the fact that I swear every conversation about the people in the motherland with my mother turns into, "And so and so won't be coming out of hospital from the sounds of things." or "Aunt [insert one here] called, and [insert partner of relative by marriage or family of relative by marriage] has [insert horrible disease of the elderly here].")


PS, 15,400 words. Go team?

On the one hand, if I get this job, I have to leave my house and do a horrible commute to icksville.

On the other hand, not connected to the evil empire, and I would have perfume money again. So.

All About Addicts in Gamy Journalism

Jan. 27th, 2015 01:29 pm
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No. Just some.

another quilt for charity

Jan. 27th, 2015 02:56 pm
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I really didn't mean to make it in San Francisco 49ers colors (speaking as a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan) -- I was just basing my color choices off of the fabric in the center of the stars.

Anyway, 48" square, hand-quilted. I'll probably take it to one of the guilds I know takes quilts at their quilt show either in April or July.

And here's a closeup, so you can see the fabric in the center of the stars, and the hand quilting.

I am so glad to be making quilts to donate again. I plan to make at least twelve donation quilts this year. The one I'm quilting on now is not only Seahawks colors, but it's got some actual NFL Seahawks fabric in it, which ought to make some young 'Hawks fan happy...
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so I was talking to the boything the other day about how I am very definite that I want who only by moving can balance/only by balancing move as soon as I work out who to commission to do the lettering for me, and I'm very certain I want it on my bicep, and he was being a bit baffled about this until I explained that the reason to have it on my arm is wheelchair user. (And also erstwhile pianist/harpsichordist, but hey.)

Which got him to talking about wheels as symbology. And, whoops, now I apparently want the outline of a circle (medium-thick, dark ink; cannot decide just yet whether black or v dark blue) about the size of a 2p piece, on my spine just below the nape of my neck/shoulders. Because: wheels and movement and the Moon and choices and decision-making and going in circles (every five years or so/I look back on my life/and I have a good laugh) and a reminder to not try carrying the world on my shoulders.

This is sufficiently straightforward that I might in fact get it for my birthday (in that I don't have to worry about lettering etc). Because it is a thing that Feels Right, and is absolutely a thing about which I'll keep inventing more symbology as I go along.
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1. I do actively like getting up with dawn and being in work by 8am. If I could find a way to do that sustainably (given insomnia, fatigue, etc) then I'd be all over it. (Two days running this week; aiming to replicate tomorrow. Though, to be fair, I did come home very early this afternoon and then sleep. But -- I got labwork done before 9am, I taught for three hours, and I booked mass spec time. And I'm doing some more faff at home. Writing abstracts is haaard. I mean, actually I think formal writing is hard, but perhaps I will work out how to get past this, sigh.)

2. Facesfriend is great, though - I stayed over at theirs last night, and sometime in the wee hours they very gently woke me up enough for me to disentangle myself from the nightmare I was having (whimpery rather than screamy, thank goodness; once a year or so I wake myself up screaming, and I'm always very embarrassed about the disruption to other people) and then they coaxed me back to sleep and... gosh, that was nice.

3. Guiltknitting progresses apace. It was supposed to be done 18 months ago. I was stalled on it for all sorts of reasons, largely boiling down to "autism" (it became apparent I hadn't bought enough of the main colour; no more of that dye lot was to be had; I couldn't work out what on earth to do about this; and then for the primary gifting period largest smallcousin bought me some very tasteful yarn, some medium-tasteful yarn, and some yarn that um looks kind of like a sunset got overly excited and has a terrible hangover; the sunset yarn goes very well with the purple). I am unblocked and nearly halfway through the section I charted up. Weaving in the ends is going to be a pain and a half - why I thought learning to do intarsia with two strands no less in the context of double-knitting I have no idea but hey, it's working and legible, so.

4. I have acquired the rest of the Toby Daye books in paperback from eBay, to my immense frustration, because apparently it's impossible to buy the ebooks from anyone but Amazon in the UK, and my preferred UK booksellers aren't carrying the volumes I want, so... eBay. And in attempting to locate the short stories I have spoiled myself for something that was starting to really irritate me, so I can now read on secure in the knowledge that the characters are going to stop being so infuriatingly oblivious sometime soon (well, two books' time, but). (I am also feeling kind of guilty for spending money on books by white folk - [personal profile] calissa posted recently about diversity and reading; one of the ways I try to (1) ~broaden my horizons~ and (2) restrict my spending on books, in addition to "don't buy anything while the to-read pile on the ereader is greater than $number" [currently 25, previously 50], is to by-and-large avoid buying books by whitey? On the grounds that I get loaned lots of them and I can satisfy most of my desire-to-read-white-people via loans, so. AND ON THE OTHER HAND I am working super hard this month in lab terms, I'm helping teach a maths course which is a massive deal, I am a bit ill, paper books are good for reading in lab because not metal, and for all I'm finding them gently frustrating they are excellent brain-candy.)

5. I really do need to set up that review blog. Which in turn means that I need to get my act together to choose a CMS for my personal website, siiigh.

Wiscon panel/event ideas

Jan. 27th, 2015 02:08 pm
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Hey, anyone want to help work up any of these ideas as Wiscon panel descriptions? They're listed with the name(s) of the people I talked to about them.

• there are several entirely different WisCons going on simultaneously (jesse the k)
• "The Structural Underpinnings of Social Isolation" (jesse the k)
• "a panel that isn't about picking people up for sex, but meeting folks one has an emotional/intellectual spark with" (possibly for dating in the future. ACE-friendly) (sophy)
• "carbon dating fairy": which books have aged well, how and why? Not so much about which books the various $suck and $fail fairies have visited, but which ones feel modern even after decades (Dune?), which ones are classics for every age (Tolkien?), and which ones remain attached to the era they were written but stand as great examples of that era's writing and concerns (PKDick?) * Is SF more likely to age badly than fantasy? * How much of a role does writing style play in the feeling of aging well or poorly? Some other books/authors: _War for the Oaks_, Piserchia, _God Stalk_, McCaffrey, Le Guin (the OH)


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