Jan. 20th, 2017 06:15 pm
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So there I was in the art supplies shop circa 5pm contemplating foamboard and giant sheets of paper, when I noticed that the person next to me was clutching a handful of markers and assorted sizes of card and contemplating the polyboard.

"Making signs?" I asked.

She was also making signs.

Right. I have foamboard, paper, markers, scissors, duct tape, a candle burning, ginger/lavender tea in a Hope Not Hate mug, my fight music playlist playing, and no plan. This should be fun.

More Joy Day

Jan. 20th, 2017 06:30 pm
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Today is More Joy Day and it sounds like it's sorely needed for many of us. Certainly for me.

So what I am offering is this: let me know what I can do, within the confines of a comment box, to bring you more joy. This could include flashfic, meta, recs (fics, vids, books, travel...), reminiscences, compliments, witty banter... the sky's the limit. I'll do my best to deliver (or let you know if I can't).

I'll be here all evening watching the Tour Down Under...

In the mean time I'll share some skating videos that bring me joy )

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Jan. 20th, 2017 11:32 am
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We cannot tolerate legal and personal attacks on journalists for doing their job.


I will have a very long post later, but that's all on the other computer. Turn your tvs to a non-news channel and leave them on today (muted, if you wish) to show that there are other things happening in the world to which you pay attention, aside from a short-term temp job employee starting his work downtown in the City of Limestone and Marble.

Birthday greetings and felicitations

Jan. 20th, 2017 08:27 am
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to [personal profile] pernishus !  Magnificent day!  (I have the damp green icing around here somewhere but the cake is missing...)

A Friday five

Jan. 20th, 2017 02:13 pm
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Dept of, PSA: I was very positive some months ago about Matt Cook's Queer Domesticities (2014), formerly only available as hideously expensive academic press hardback: this is now out in paperback and Kindle/ebooks editions at more eligible price (though over the book launch attended, will draw a veil, because it might be something to do with my current mood).


Dept of, Animal Facts: you know (well, you might) that in 'Rikki-Tikki-Tavi', Kipling states that the mongoose does not have natural immunity to snake venom. He wuz wrong, though it only applies to the venom of certain kinds of snakes. (Yes, dr rdrz, I ran and found out.)


Dept of Preening and Gloating: 'Reliable because... compiled by a very respected British scholar', i.e. Dr [personal profile] oursin.


Dept of O Tempora o Mores: trying to do some research-related reading on ideas about child psychology in the 1920s, came across the significant blamey finger-pointing of the early 1920s about the deleterious effect of the movies on the kiddiez, yea, even unto addiction: with a few changes these would serve just as well for modern-day jeremiahs on the deleterious effects of the internet.


Dept of, Get in there and ask for the money: on the way back home after family festivities, the train we were aiming at was cancelled and we were thus an hour later than anticipated getting back. A chap in the waiting room as we were hearing the message about train cancelled and which one to get instead, was filling in a form for compensation, and said we were eligible. I therefore went online when we got home and put in a claim, and lo, behold, mirabile dictu: we have just had refunds of a considerable portion of the fares in question.

Ring the bells of morning

Jan. 20th, 2017 06:19 am
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"Tonight I am speechless
My head is filled with pouring rain
As the darkness falls on Montreal
When violence is shrieking
The city streets will run with pain
Until the moon can shed no light at all

And I believe that we have fallen
In the middle of an old highway
And the past is rolling over us
As men begin to understand
What women say
They see history reaching out to smother all of us

So ring the bells of morning
For sorrow and for shame
And let the deep well inside each of us
Swell with outrage
And those of us who know
What went before can come again
Must ring the bells
We must ring the bells of morning.

I met a man once
He held himself tighter than a fist
He was hard and fast in his inflexibility
He was threatened by the future
A product of the past
He was terrified by his own femininity

We must ring the bells of morning
We have everything to gain
And may those of us who comprehend
Commit our lives to change
And though you swear
You can’t let yourself be vulnerable again
Ring the bells
The bells of morning

For if we can’t face ourselves
We will never understand
We can learn to make a cradle
With these stubborn hands
And we will hear the echo
From this shattered land
When we ring the bells of morning

I met a woman once
She told me we might never see the day
When the violence was overcome
She said silence is the fuel
Fear and ignorance the roaring flames
That burn the freedom out of everyone

She said ring the bells of morning
And let none of us pretend
For if you walk the path of silence
You might never reach the end
And those of us who know what went before can come again
Must ring the bells, the bells of morning

Oh ring the bells of morning
Ring them loud and ring them long
Let the mother tongue of strength
Be the peaceful language of this song
And let those ancient voices lead us all into the dawn
Ring the bells, the bells of morning
Ring the bells, the bells of morning
Ring the bells, we must ring the bells of morning"

-- Stephen Fearing, 1989

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Jan. 20th, 2017 08:30 am
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A dog and the vet and rain. Oh the indignity.

Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note5.
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Posted by Fred Clark

We've all seen bad movies in which the plot doesn't make sense because they haven't provided a valid reason why the heroes don't just go to the police. This is that movie. Except here it's worse because the hero is a policeman and he won't even go to himself.

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Jan. 20th, 2017 07:15 am
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Wednesday collapsed under the weight of too many concerns. I read  Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children sitting on the deck in the sun: it helped. Mental reset. Christine & elephants yesterday and the wee hours this morning. I think once Greycie Loo is back from her teeth cleaning (off to take her in shortly) things may settle here.

Measuring the weight i felt i was carrying, i decided to not attend the Raleigh march and stay home. I suspect i'll end up working outside in the rain, moving dirt.

Carrie Dog is settling in -- which actually means she's less settled. She's getting a bounce in her step and i really wish we could let her off leash in the front yard. She just isn't quite under voice control yet, and she seems attracted to going down the driveway. She's got energy we don't know how to dispel. She's not interested in fetch. Long walks seem like a good plan, and Christine's sister has suggested a local dog park. I'm thinking of trying to tie her out while i work in the yard Saturday.

[More Joy Day] More Joy: 1

Jan. 20th, 2017 03:06 am
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100 Words @ DW

For Act 1, I'm spreading the word of the 100 Words drabble community on DW for its lovely creator.

I have no idea what my additional acts will be, but I'm sure I'll think of something.
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More Joy Day, everyone.

Time to light some candles against the dark. Time to look to the things that will sustain us over the next four years.

(Anyone making signs/banners for tomorrow/today?)

Fiona Apple has contributed a helpful protest chant (warning for earworm, omfg).

Various astronomical targets

Jan. 20th, 2017 12:24 am
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More of my recent acquisitions, for your viewing pleasure.

Behind the black velvet curtain... )

Troubling times

Jan. 20th, 2017 07:05 am
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I really like [personal profile] megpie71 's response to the current stunning weight of bad news and foreboding; as she explains here, she's, taken to posting daily a list of three things that have "gone right" in the world
So that's one thing to help stay afloat, in these troubling times: the daily good news - big, small, local, global - so long as it's good, and so long as it's news.  Worth checking out - and she's very much okay with people replying with more, too. 

[personal profile] sovay  recently recalled her experience of a large protest march in 2011, and her observation then that in large crowds, mobile phones (cell phones) don't work, or don't work well.  This was absolutely new to me - and set me thinking.
Of course pay phones are being ripped out everywhere, and have been for years.  I can see the inevitability of this.  But given the enormous importance of communication in times of crisis, I'm thinking we should all encourage the preservation of remaining public landline phone facilities.   (And maybe be aware of where these might be, in case of need.)

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I only asked for one thing for Christmas—tickets to a Caps-Pen game—so I was pretty upset last Wednesday when I had a killer light sensitive headache the day of the game. (It was so bad I had the lights off in my office and I wore sunglasses.) I was able to resell my tickets via Ticketmaster.

This totally caused a lightbulb in my brain, I looked at the rest of the schedule for the week, and on Sunday morning I bought a pretty cheap, pretty good ticket for the 1 p.m. game against the Flyers. I went to lunch at b and I had a burger salad that was pretty decent.

The Caps had a pretty slow start (why is this a chronic issue? This is going on four years, guys. Start playing hockey from minute one) but they demolished the Flyers and chased Mason. Wo-oh wo-oh. Wo-oh wo-oh! As we hit goal 5, I realized I had made a strategic error. I was wearing my (second) Girl Gang cap (first Girl Gang cap, lost to bus travel, RIP), and two players had scored two goals. What would I do if a hat trick occurred? It turned out okay, no one scored any more, and the Flyers were practically in tears, so all was well.

Afterwards, I watched Fences, since the Phonebooth is right next door to a movie theater.

Troy is a really great role, but I feel like Denzel was a little bit indulgent in playing him. I'm just not sure that directing yourself in the lead role is a good idea. He was good, but with just a hint of scenery chewing. (To be fair, that was, like, 80% the character? Troy is one of those big people who sucks up all the life in a room.)

Viola Davis is a fucking national treasure and we do not deserve her. She was so great, with great passion and also great restraint. There were several beautiful reaction shots. She was very clear in communicating the relationship she had to each of the other characters and how she was feeling about her life at any given time. I really loved this performance and this role, and she so deserves an Oscar nod.

I'm not necessarily sold on the movie as a whole. I don't feel strongly about it one way or the other. I certainly don't regret going to see it, but it was mostly a story about a man's relationship with his sons, and my interest in that is limited right now, even for a black man.

So, the weekend was pretty great.

This week has been an ongoing trial. DC is being fenced in to prepare for the inauguration, and getting around near my office was getting more and more difficult. Tuesday, I saw the U.S. flag on the Capitol, and it felt like a threat. The bus I catch lost most of the DC part of its route on Wednesday, and I didn't get the alert, although some people on the bus said that they had gotten one belatedly. It lost all of the DC part of the route today. D: The fences make the Mall etc. feel like a cage. And today, there were all these god damn white people wandering around in fucking MAGA hats. Thankfully, my office is closed for the inauguration, because I would lose my mind if I had to go in for that bullshit.

I have comforted myself by reading volume 5 of Sunstone, which was great, but also the end of that story. /: I think I have to reread all five volumes to see how I feel about it as an ending, but it was great to sink into that world again and it was definitely as beautiful as the previous volumes. I feel like, even though the same face was still there, the faces were less same-y somehow. I can't explain, because they weren't exactly more expressive, just more distinct. I think I liked it. Sejic is promising more stories in the same world. I'll probably actually pick up Alan and Anne's story, because I like Alan, but I'm not sure about the other couples. Too much straightness.

Tomorrow, I'm going to catch up on my comics (I will finally deal with the nightmare that is Civil War II) and watch the new season of Voltron: Legendary Defender.
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Um. Okay.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to write a post on this, but for today this is a placeholder so I can yell about spoilers with people in the comments. But basically: this show is amazing; I can't remember the last time I was so happy to have watched a show unspoiled; along with Yuri!!! on Ice it has been my major comfort food since the election; and it just stuck the landing like WHOA.


There's some good stuff in The AV Club episode recaps (which I'm not linking to because I bet there will be something spoilery up by tomorrow); [personal profile] sabra_n's been doing great episode commentaries; and [personal profile] kate_nepveu has a good brief nonspoilery recommendation post. So those are places to go if you are looking for someone to be coherent.

The thirteen-episode first season is up on the NBC website.


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I love this show A LOT but it hasn't been renewed for another season yet and I really really want it to be so please go and binge it on your option of choice; if nothing else you can watch all 13 episodes on NBC's website. Because it does stick the landing and it's AMAZING but I really, really, really want a second season. A lot.

As I said in my original post, "it's using admirable pacing to unfold a lot of plot and character development in a very compact space," and that continues right up to the very end. So if you're puzzled by certain aspects stick with it, it's worth it, and it all really works as a single thing. And I love everyone in this bar, they're so great, and it's so delightfully off-kilter in all the little details, and it just makes me happy. And amazed. It's so good.

(Yes, there is a rather open end to the season, but it's also one that allows you to pretty easily write your own closure if you want and if for some reason it's not renewed. So I wouldn't call it a cliffhanger, but YMMV.)

A spoiler post will follow.
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Some spots have disappeared. Some are smaller. Some are bigger. Some are new.

There are a couple new medical issues that we'll need to pursue further.

But for now Rob's being allowed to remain the study. Which is probably the best possible option for him right now.

Read more at our CaringBridge site here.


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