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Jul. 6th, 2015 12:00 pm
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Non-alcoholic non-sweet pub drinks

Jul. 6th, 2015 11:30 am
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Yay! A non-political post for once!

People who don't drink alcohol: what do you have in pubs? Do you all have sweet teeth? I'm an alcohol drinker, but a) I have friends that aren't b) I worry about a culture that stigmatizes non-drinkers c) I'm a lightweight so I will often want to be drinking something other than booze.

I'd kind of like to see drinks that roughly sit in the "beer" niche:

■ non-alcoholic
■ non-sweet-tasting* (at least less sweet than Coke or J2O)
■ "long" drinks, quaffable over an evening, ideally not hot.
■ moderately Exciting, more so than a cup of tea or a soda water
■ profitable enough for a pub to be happy selling it

At home I'm mostly drinking tea (black tea with milk, or fennel, or nettle) or water. I prefer sour/salty/umami/bitter flavours to sweet, on the whole; I see astringency (that mouth-drying property that you get from tannins in tea) as a good property for a drink to have. Spicy is good. Fizzy is OK too.

Some thoughts: Virgin Mary is a savoury-ish drink depending on its condiments; iced teas tend to be fairly sweet but needn't be so in principle; milkshakes likewise. If you go too far in the umami direction you end up with stock or soup, which is lovely but not very pub-ish. V8 I should probably try next time I'm somewhere that sells it, maybe that's what I'm after, but it's only one product. De-alcoholized beers ISTR as being fairly insipid, but it's been a while.

* (it's about the flavour, not the biochemistry, so I count Diet Coke as being just as sweet as Coke). I don't ask that such a drink be "healthy", just that it not be syruppy, although I'd prefer something that doesn't rot my teeth too much


Jul. 5th, 2015 11:54 pm
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Posted by Mary

We spent the weekend in Orange, and not a long weekend, a normal weekend, which means driving over the mountains Friday night to arrive late, and back Sunday afternoon, hopefully in time to get the kids to bed.

Well, not quite the latter it turns out, because we got home at 8, and once the kids had had dinner V immediately requested to go to bed without waiting for dessert to heat up. A came upstairs too, and instead of going into the bathroom to have a bath with him she walked straight into the bedroom and pointed firmly at her cot. “Deh!” Sorry, overtired kids. But good work on the self-care.

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I completed [community profile] flaneurs June challenge Ia, get off the bus when you see something interesting, on the 360 in Coventry. The 360 is a 31.5mile/50km long circular bus route around the suburbs of Coventry (360 route map here).

I alighted from a train at Tile Hill railway station. One of the first things I saw was a large racist sticker, which I destroyed (note for stubborn stickers: wet them then scrub with a rough stone, such as a piece of gravel, or hard twig &c [/too many NF stickers when I was a kid] ). I waited at the bus stop nearest the station and saw two buses pass on the other side of the road before a 360C, "C" for clockwise, arrived at my stop. I got on the bus and discovered the bus seats were crammed together tightly enough to bruise my knees. I also realised I hadn't brought a pen. I decided that if I was still on the bus by the time I reached the retail park then I'd stop there for pen acquisition purposes. We passed every possible style of twentieth century British suburban housing, but the inhabitants hadn't done much to differentiate their homes, with no eccentric front gardens or unusual paint jobs on display. I saw a boxing mural. We drove along Unicorn Avenue, with a microfibre duster hung from one of the bus stop signs as if someone had been polishing it, then along Nod Rise and past a bus stop for Fl'stead Highway, short for Fletchamstead Highway. There were many roads called [something] Highway, which I don't remember seeing before in Britain. The most interesting buildings were schools, with an odd chimney or a creepy mural of a face across a pair of double doors or a statue outside (of St Christopher?), but I didn't investigate them because showing too much interest in school buildings tends to make people nervous. I saw four more grumpy lions, brown this time, on the gateposts of what appeared to be a doctor's (dentist's?) surgery in Roland Avenue. Then we passed the Arena and arrived at the Coventry Arena Shopping Park. I got off the bus in search of a pen, and was amused to see that Coventry City Council had enacted the cunning plan of placing a public library inside the mall opposite Tescos. I applaud their urban planner's genius!

01 Coventry Arena Shopping Park bus station, Coventry 06-15

Two more small images. )

Merry Monday #4

Jul. 6th, 2015 12:18 pm
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What good, exciting things happened to you last week? What are you looking forward to this week? It can be one thing or many things, something big or small - especially the small things, they don't get enough credit.

my list under the cut )

Tbh I'm starting to get excited about this Monday meme, too - I kept wondering what great things might have happened to you or what you are excited about, it's just so lovely to see this snapshot of your mood and that you have things to appreciate in your life!

NSA German Intercepts

Jul. 6th, 2015 05:13 am
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Posted by schneier

On Friday, WikiLeaks published three summaries of NSA intercepts of German government communications. To me, the most interesting thing is not the intercept analyses, but this spreadsheet of intelligence targets. Here we learn the specific telephone numbers being targeted, who owns those phone numbers, the office within the NSA that processes the raw communications received, why the target is being spied on (in this case, all are designated as "Germany: Political Affairs"), and when we started spying using this particular justification. It's one of the few glimpses we have into the bureaucracy of surveillance.

Presumably this is from the same leaker who gave WikiLeaks the French intercepts they published a week ago. (And you can read the intelligence target spreadsheet for France, too. And another for Brazil that WikiLeaks published on Saturday; Intercept commentary here.) Now that we've seen a few top secret summaries of eavesdropping on both German, French, and Brazilian communications, and given what I know of Julian Assange's tactics, my guess is that there is a lot more where this came from.

Der Spiegel is all over this story.

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For a Deadline Hollywood piece on the upcoming film Slash, Ross A. Lincoln wrote Directed by Clay Liford (Earthling), who also wrote the screenplay, the coming of age comedy focuses on a teenage erotic fan fic author; the title is a reference to the fan fiction genre that imagines sexual relationships between fictional characters who aren’t canonically an item (think Kirk/Spock or Spider-Man/Batman).

Luke Reilly began IGN AU PUBCAST 118: FAITHFUL FAN FICTION With E3 done and dusted for another year, what better way to celebrate than a sultry reading of that Buffy fan fiction that Lucy wrote as a teenager we mentioned was dug up recently?

A Melissa Locker Vanity Fair review of Jenny’s Wedding was subtitled Best Grey's Anatomy - Gilmore Girls fan fiction ever.

For National Post, Joseph Brean wrote Online retailing behemoth Amazon is changing its pay structure for self-published authors. Rather than pay once for a whole book, it will now pay each time a page is digitally flipped. It’s a subtle tweak to business strategy that could change both the style and profitability of self-published books, from fan fiction to memoir.

For New York Magazine’s News & Politics, Jaime Fuller wrote that, regarding Bernie Sanders, [Elizabeth] Warren was as reticent to pick presidential favorites as she was to play along with her supporters' 2016 fanfic.

Terminator: Genisys, Sophie Jackson, Sprouse twins, Sherlock Holmes, Jurassic World )

Breaking News carried more details about the publisher-rejected erotic The Good Wife fanfic novel (idea? I’m foggy on the details) by rugby pundit and Newstalk presenter George Hook.

Meg Cabot told Miami New Times’s Shelly Davidov that, as a child, she wrote reams of fan fiction about [Princess Leia] and Han and going through Jedi academy school — she was the best shot, by the way — and then it morphed into my own kingdom after my mom told me about the copyright thing…

For SportsNet, Dave Zarum wrote that some of the stories (read: fan fiction) surrounding [Raptor DeMarre] Carroll is flat-out Chuck Norrisian.

In a Windy City Times review of The Who & the What, Mary Shen Barnidge wrote So what has Zarina done to upset her kin? Well, she's written a historical novel depicting Islam's foremost prophet, Muhammad, exhibiting distinctly human emotions and hormonal urges. This framework of deistic fan-fiction enables her to speculate on the facts behind her religion's orthodoxy, inviting reinterpretation of its sacred tenets.

Harry Potter, Suits, Magic Mike XXL )

In a piece for The West Australian on author Brendan Ritchie, William Yeoman wrote while Perth author Brendan Ritchie is clearly no purveyor of fan-fiction, he acknowledges the precedents for his debut novel, Carousel.

From ‘Sun shines on successful students at Hartlepool college graduation’ in Hartlepool Mail: As part of his degree, Adam [Bouabda] produced a new fan fiction movie which is now filming at locations across the North East, including Hartlepool’s Historic Quay.

Nick Cannata-Bowman wrote How ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Misrepresents Fanfiction for Cheat Sheet.

Finally, Rebecca Monk informed readers of The List that flash fiction is not fan fiction dedicated to Flash Gordon, the music of Queen, or any of the associated characters and contributors to the Flash Gordon series. Would that it were!
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Wooo, another fic, because apparently everything decided to land this weekend.

Title: Stacking the Dice
Fandom: How to Get Away with Murder
Pairing: Connor/Oliver
Word count: ~22,000
Summary: High School AU. Connor makes a bet with Michaela. Oliver gets caught in the crossfire.
Notes: I was going to say that this was kind of my version of a Cruel Intentions AU, but I hadn't actually seen Cruel Intentions at the time (or even read Dangerous Liaisons). Now that I've seen the movie, I can say that this is probably more like an off-brand copy of a Cruel Intentions AU.

On AO3 | On Tumblr (in parts, sorry)


Jul. 6th, 2015 05:24 am
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"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it." -- Mark Twain

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I receive a most exuberant note from Miss A-, that she is moving into the most charming apartment out of her present lodgings, and while Maggie, that has been her dresser at the theatre these many months, will be coming in the post of lady's maid, she knows not what to do about a more general servant. I should desire, she writes, one that would be capable of a little cooking, such as preparing a light supper or something of that nature, though would hardly have need of capabilities such as Seraphine demonstrates. Dear Madame C-, you are always so very well-served, is there any that you could recommend to this post? By this I understand her to be very well reconciled with Lady J-, and I am happy for them.

I go down to the kitchen, where I find the entire household having their morning gossip over tea and a very fine fruitcake. Seraphine is looking a little drawn, and is by now exceeding great with child. I have offered to bespeak Mr H-, that has attended some of the greatest in the land, for her lying-in, but she says that her Aunty Mrs Black (that is no actual relative but has that title by courtesy) is a well-reputed midwife and she could ask for no better.

How now, I say, do not disturb yourselves, but I have a need for advice. Miss A- sets up an independent household and requires a general servant that can manage a little cooking, is there any among your connection that might be prefer'd to this post?

They look around one another, considering, and then pipes up Tibby that she hears that cousin Dorcas is out of a place again. They all groan. But, says Seraphine, if Miss A-'s will be an entirely female establishment? They look from one to another again and there are nods of heads.

Dorcas is a good sober hardworking young woman, says Phoebe, indeed downright pious and goes to chapel every Sunday, but in every place she has been there has been difficulty with some fellow offering to be saucy to her. Sometimes it is the master or one of his family, sometimes it is one of the men, but it ever happens however modest she conducts herself, they take quite the wrong idea that she will sure be obliging to them. Was she not training as an undercook in a previous place until the cook behaved very coarse to her?

Seraphine nods. I could give her a little instruction, she says, but she has the essentials of the craft.

But if she is so pious, I say, may she not object to Miss A- being an actress? She is a fool if she does, says Hector, that would be Miss A-, that is reputed a great favourite of His Grace the Duke of M-'s sister? She could hardly wish for a more suitable place. If you desire, madame, I can summon her here for you to consider. Her work has never been complained of.

I agree to this course, and Hector tells Titus to cease stuffing himself and go fetch cousin Dorcas.

Cousin Dorcas is revealed to be a young woman with cast-down eyes and very modest demeanour but such a figure and features that Sir Z- R- would sure paint her as an odalisque, and I am not surpriz'd that she has continual trouble with men offering sauciness. She has no objections to Miss A-'s profession, indeed murmurs that it may be sinfull but she dearly loves a play and is a great admirer of Miss A-. I therefore dispatch her under Hector's escort to Miss A-'s new residence with a note of recommendation.

I send a note to Mr H- by Titus desiring a short meeting with him, and receive the reply that he is presently at liberty though later in the day goes to Barts to operate. I therefore go to his house, admire his new painting of Andromeda chain'd for the monster (which doubtless he will require me to enact some time), and express to him my concerns over Seraphine. He says that he has heard of Mrs Black and that I should not suppose her some superstitious crone, for she was trained at the Lying-In Hospital that is now called after the Queen, and has an excellent reputation. However, he says, pinching my cheek, I do not like to see my dear Madame C- worrying her pretty head in this matter, and you may of course call on me should there be necessity. But I confide that Mrs Black is as cunning a midwife as you could hope to find.

I return home much reassured, for he says that it is quite in the common order of things for a woman as close to bearing as Seraphine to look tired and drawn. I have been most insistent that she should sit as much as possible and make Euphemia undertake the heavier part of kitchen work but it is very hard to ensure that Seraphine complies with these orders I fear.

Going into my parlour I am delighted to see Mr F-, whose presence I did not expect for several hours more. He is perusing some book, which on approaching him more closely I see to be General Y-'s pretty little Indian volume.

O, says I, that is General Y-'s little book, though the dear old fellow was by no means supple enough in the days I knew him to encompass any of the positions: perhaps when he was a younger man with his beloved bibi they us'd to rehearse them. Though sure it looks to me as if the Hindoos are jointed differently from us.

Mr F- looks at me and looks down at the book and then back at me. Oh, my dear, he says, I think some of these look entirely practicable, might we conduct a scientifick experiment to see if our English joints might contrive them? I tell him that he is a wicked man, but in the interests of scientifick knowledge we may try.

This makes for a most entertaining afternoon, tho' interspersed with many cries of, no, the leg goes there, and, maybe if one held on to the bedpost, &C. At the conclusion Mr F- is of the opinion that the Hindoos must train for the enterprise as do acrobats, but nonetheless makes a few notes in his memorandum book and looks very pleased with himself.

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via at July 06, 2015 at 03:15AM:


Chris Rock dropped the mic.

protect conscious black celebs.

If that’s not a mic drop, I don’t know what is. Keep speaking truth.

Penny Dreadful 2.10.

Jul. 6th, 2015 10:22 am
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Well, that was... unexpected.

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Daily Happiness

Jul. 6th, 2015 02:10 am
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1. Very productive day at work again today. We recently got in a bunch of these fancy little bags of hand-made candy from Kyoto and have to make a display for them. Usually this would have taken me ages to get around to because of being so busy, but I was able to get it mostly all done today (still need some decorations and signage) and the deadline to have it finished and send pics to headquarters isn't for another two weeks!

2. I have tomorrow off! It's been really nice having several days in a row to sleep in (though I hope I'm not getting myself onto too much of a later sleep schedule). I need to try and get down to Old Navy tomorrow and return the jeans I ordered last month, but other than that, I don't have anything planned other than relaxing.

3. The weather's been so nice and cool lately. I think there's one day this week that's supposed to get up to high 70s, but that's it. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

4. I've been trying to take melatonin before bed this past week and I think it's been helping?

deer of the day

Jul. 6th, 2015 09:14 am
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There are lots of deer around here, and we quite often see them if we go out in the car early in the morning, at dusk, or sometimes coming home late in the dark. What I saw this morning as I was packing abrinsky's sandwiches, and for the first time in the 19 years we've lived here, was a pair of deer wandering through the village and stopping to graze on the grass verges. I didn't have my dslr to hand, and anyway it's currently wearing the 50mm lens, not the zoom lens, so inadequate iphone pics are all I have to share.

This one is from the bedroom window

oh, deer!

and this one from the main road, as I spooked them and made them run further away *sigh*

wait, while I get my big camera!

I almost didn't bother to grab any kind of camera, because it felt like a magical moment - 5:45am, all quiet, glowing early morning light, no-one to share the moment (abrinsky was in the shower), usually skittish animals looking as though they did this every day. I think perhaps I needed a photograph to prove to myself it was real.

The Muntjac or barking deer is common in the area, thanks to escapees from estates like Woburn Abbey, and we do hear them at night. They are not very welcome because of the damage they do to plants, but being possessed of large amounts of sensawunda and no gardenpride, we have yet to be anything other than excited to see them. We have seen them in their more traditional habitat in India, when it is never not amusing to nonchalantly inform the local wildlife guide that 'oh, we have those at home'. (Though wikipedia indicates there is significant genetic difference between the Indian muntjac and the ones here.)


Jul. 6th, 2015 07:37 am
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GI Joe Special Missions #10

Jul. 6th, 2015 01:04 am
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The Joe team is tasked with escorting Prince Ngoto the Younger from Oxford, England (where he had been teaching as an English professor) to his homeland of Kalingaland, to reclaim his father's throne after the defeat of the communist forces in his country.

After several thwarted assassination attempts they arrive at the capital.

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No one -- least of all yours truly -- would have expected me to write Elementary fic for Remix Redux 12: The Dirty Dozen. But the original story hit me like a freight train, and I simply had to play with that one.

Wrapped Up in You (The Bodyswap Remix) (4822 words) by monanotlisa
Fandom: Elementary (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes & Joan Watson
Characters: Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Ms. Hudson (Elementary)

His response was a sniff, and could her face really look that haughty? “Oh, don’t be silly, Watson. I assure you I have worn much higher heels in much more arduous circumstances.”

Of course he had.

Given my recent restraints, I could only do a fraction of the things I wanted to do with Joan and Sherlock, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the positive response. Hat-tip to [personal profile] king_touchy again.


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