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Following the release of OS X Yosemite with new Spotlight Suggestions, some users noted that Apple's Spotlight privacy policy began offering a warning letting users know that search terms were being uploaded to Apple's servers, with some of the info being forwarded to Microsoft's Bing search engine.

The search terms were being shared with Apple in order to enable Spotlight's new capabilities, which include searching sources like the Mac App Store, Wikipedia, and the web.

When you use Spotlight, your search queries, the Spotlight Suggestions you select, and related usage data will be sent to Apple. Search results found on your Mac will not be sent. If you have Location Services on your Mac turned on, when you make a search query to Spotlight the location of your Mac at that time will be sent to Apple. Searches for common words and phrases will be forwarded from Apple to Microsoft's Bing search engine.
While Apple noted directly within Yosemite's Spotlight preferences that the search terms were collected only to improve Spotlight Searches and directed users to turn off Spotlight Suggestions and Bing Web searches in System Preferences if they didn't want their data uploaded, the issue still received quite a bit of attention over the course of the weekend, with one developer even uploading a Python script to prevent Apple from collecting data.

Apple has now given a statement on Spotlight Suggestions to iMore, stating that the company is "absolutely committed" to protecting user privacy and that Spotlight Suggestions minimizes the information that's sent to Apple.
"We are absolutely committed to protecting our users' privacy and have built privacy right into our products," Apple told iMore. "For Spotlight Suggestions we minimize the amount of information sent to Apple. Apple doesn't retain IP addresses from users' devices. Spotlight blurs the location on the device so it never sends an exact location to Apple. Spotlight doesn't use a persistent identifier, so a user's search history can't be created by Apple or anyone else. Apple devices only use a temporary anonymous session ID for a 15-minute period before the ID is discarded.

"We also worked closely with Microsoft to protect our users' privacy. Apple forwards only commonly searched terms and only city-level location information to Bing. Microsoft does not store search queries or receive users' IP addresses.

"You can also easily opt out of Spotlight Suggestions, Bing or Location Services for Spotlight."
As Apple says in the statement that it gave to iMore, users that are concerned about their data being uploaded to Apple's servers can easily disable the new features by going to System Preferences --> Spotlight and unchecking both the boxes for "Spotlight Suggestions" and "Bing Web Searches."

Along with offering users its privacy policy directly in the System Preferences app under "About Spotlight Suggestions & Privacy," Apple has also updated its iOS 8 Privacy website to make it clear that limited user data is collected and that the data the company does acquire is obscured by an anonymous identifier.

Introduced with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, Spotlight Suggestions allow Apple's Spotlight feature to give users search suggestions from sources like Wikipedia, the iTunes Store, and Maps. For example, it's now possible to search for an app in the Mac App Store using Spotlight, or look for a specific term on Wikipedia without needing to access Safari or another web browser.

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no no you don’t understand. I wear a 38I-40H. It’s nigh-impossible to find normal bras which fit, let alone speciality bras. I have been looking for a sports bra for 3 years. Three. Knowing that there is a bra which will hopefully-maybe fit only 15 minutes away is a game changer, and I am SO EXCITED.

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― But some part of him realized, even as he fought to break free from Lupin, that Sirius had never kept him waiting before… . Sirius had risked everything, always, to see Harry, to help him… . If Sirius was not reappearing out of that archway when Harry was yelling for him as though his life depended on it, the only possible explanation was that he could not come back… . That he really was …

and who did you say is calling?

Oct. 20th, 2014 09:31 pm
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Dearest darlingest yuleingest goat (my dear santa),

thank you for writing a story for me! I have no doubts whatsoever that I will love the pants off of whatever you write :)

I'mma talk about canons first and then get to general reading preferences.

Frankenstein )

The Fall )

Vorkosigan Saga )

Smoke Signals )

general info about what I like to read )

Also it's T-Rex's birthday, I guess?

Oct. 20th, 2014 05:26 pm
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I don't have time to write a long post for the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VI's North American release, but damn do I still love and appreciate that game. Here's some music that Square-Enix itself linked to today.

Even more not here than usual

NSFW Oct. 20th, 2014 05:17 pm
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( You're about to view content which the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )

Having fun with Crystal

Oct. 21st, 2014 09:14 am
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Came up with some dragons in the scrying workshop which I think look pretty cool [Warning: fake bloodyness], I'm inclined to agree with what seems to be the consensus that sky snappers are the prettiest, but there's fun to be had if you AREN'T just trying to pretty :)

lighter fettuccine alfredo

Oct. 20th, 2014 09:06 pm
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This was slightly modified, as I (a) prefer cooked garlic to raw, and (b) wanted to add bacon. Because bacon. So leave out the bacon, and it'll be vegetarian again. Far superior to any alfredo sauce I've had out a jar.

5 ounces grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, plus more for sprinkling
2 tablespoons heavy cream
1 large egg
1 teaspoon cornstarch
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 pound fresh fettuccine, or 12 ounces dried fettuccine
2 cloves garlic, minced
4 oz bacon (about 5 slices), diced
2 tablespoons unsalted butter
Minced fresh parsley or chives (optional)

Combine cheese, heavy cream, egg, cornstarch, and olive oil in a large bowl. Season lightly with salt (there'll be plenty in the pasta water later) and black pepper to taste. Whisk to combine, then set aside.

In a large saucepan, bring 2 quarts of water and 2 tablespoons of salt to a boil over high heat. Add pasta and cook, stirring frequently to prevent sticking, until cooked but still very firm (not quite al dente), about 45 seconds for fresh pasta or 1 minute less than package directions for dried pasta. Drain pasta into a colander set over a large bowl. Transfer 2 cups of cooking water to a liquid measuring cup and discard the rest. Transfer pasta to the now-empty bowl. Add the butter and toss to coat.

In the still-hot saucepan, sauté the bacon until desired level of crispiness. Toss in the garlic for about 45 seconds. Drain excess bacon fat and discard, then dump bacon & garlic into the pasta and toss to coat.

Whisking constantly, slowly add 1 1/2 cups of the pasta cooking water to the bowl with the cheese mixture. Transfer the cheese mixture to the now-empty pasta cooking pot. Cook over medium-high heat, stirring constantly, until mixture comes to a boil and thickens (about 1 min). Transfer pasta to sauce mixture and turn to coat. Just before serving, stir in more pasta water to thin the sauce out as necessary.

Serve immediately, sprinkled with minced herbs, black pepper, and cheese (if you're feeling fancy).

via Serious Eats
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[Image: Cecil wearing an avocado-print tank top and a backpack and smiling at Carlos. Cecil: “Hi Carlos! Did you see my LEMON SLICE BACKPACK?” Cecil turns around to show off his backpack, which is round and printed like a slice of lemon; Carlos smiles at Cecil and rubs his neck. Caption: “Later that night.” Carlos is lying in bed, awake. Carlos: “sigh yes god I’m so into that LEMON SLICE BACKPACK.” Carlos blushes and looks freaked out. Carlos: “GOD I’M INTO IT.”]


i’ve thought about these tags a lot

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if the lord don’t forgive me/ i’d still have my baby and my babe would have me

only drawing steve and bucky make-outs from now on so people will have to stop tagging my steve/bucky drawings as #brotp

This song, Work Song, by Hozier, is one of my top Bucky/Steve songs. So good.

power, not guidance

Oct. 20th, 2014 07:08 pm
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Today was a reminder that people listen to power, not to guidance, and that they pretend otherwise only until they've got everything they need.
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'Women In Science' 

Chronological mosaic featuring nine awesome female Rock Star Scientists.

• Ada Lovelace - considered the world’s first computer programmer for her work on Charles Babbage’s early mechanical general-purpose computer, the analytical engine.

• Marie Curie - a pioneer in the field of radioactivity, as well as the first person honored with two Nobel Prizes in both physics and chemistry.

• Lise Meitner - Nuclear physicist who was part of the team that discovered nuclear fission (when one atom splits into two and releases energy).

• Barbara McClintock - ground breaking research in cytogenetics and developed the technique for visualizing maize chromosomes. Best known for her discovery of transposition and used it to demonstrate that genes are responsible for turning physical characteristics on and off. 

• Grace Hopper - computer scientist whose work led to one of the first modern programming languages. She also popularized the term “debugging” for fixing computer glitches after being motivated by an actual moth removed from the computer.

• Rachel Carson - marine biologist, conservationist, and author who reported the dangers of the synthetic pesticide DDT and it’s effect on wildlife. 

• Rosalind Franklin - contributor to discovering the fine molecular structures of DNA, RNA, viruses, coal and graphite.

• Esther Lederberg - microbiologist who devised the first successful implementation of replica plating and helped discover and understand the genetic mechanisms of specialized transduction. 

• Jocelyn Bell Burnell - astrophysicist who discovered the first radio pulsars (signals coming from rapidly rotating neutron stars). Some have called this the “greatest astronomical discovery of the twentieth century.”

(now available as prints and tshirts at meganlee.etsy.com)

Designs by Megan Lee Studio, LLC



Dear Festividder 2014

Oct. 20th, 2014 08:41 pm
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Dear Festividder,

I am mostly reprising last year's Dear Festividder letter, because honestly, everything I said last year about what I like is still true. :-)

You are so awesome. Thank you for making a vid for me!

I love every one of the fandoms listed below. The simple fact that you're going to vid one of these fandoms already makes my week.

I have particular soft spots for quirky characters, chosen family, competence, small town life, and loyalty. I'm a sap and I like to see characters get happy endings. I like slash and I like het and I like gen -- I'm easy.

Musically, go with whatever floats your boat -- there pretty much isn't a style of music I can't be talked into trying.

(If it's helpful, feel free to check out my vids on the AO3 -- fic is there also -- or on my website.)

Make a vid that makes you happy, and it'll make me happy too.

Thank you!


FWIW, I requested Local Hero, Ripper Street, Sneakers, Middleman, Field of Dreams, and Sports Night. my requests, in case anyone feels like making treats )
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Posted by Juli Clover

iOS 8.1, released to the public earlier today, included Apple Pay support as its most notable feature, but it also brought several other updates to the mobile operating system, including iCloud Photo Library. With iOS 8.1, the iCloud Photo Library beta is now available to all iOS 8 users, as is a new iCloud Photos app that can be found within iCloud.com.

First introduced during WWDC, iCloud Photo Library stores all of the photos and videos that a user takes in iCloud, making them available on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Macs through iCloud.com. It will also work with the Photos app that Apple is creating for the Mac, which is expected in early 2015.

iCloud Photo Library. You’re never without your camera. Now you’ll never be without your photos. Every photo and video you take now lives in iCloud — giving you the freedom to access your library from any device, anytime you want. So you can view a photo from last week or last year no matter where you are.
iCloud Photo Library is designed to keep all of a user's photos synced on all of their devices at all times. When an image is edited on an iOS device in the Photos app with Apple's built-in editing tools, those changes are immediately uploaded to iCloud and visible on other devices right away.

iCloud Photo Library is also designed to free up valuable storage space on iOS devices. Full high-resolution photos and videos are stored in the cloud, while smaller versions of the images are displayed on devices, taking up far less storage space. iCloud Photo Library uses the iCloud storage space of each user, with 20GB of storage space available for $0.99 per month. Apple's iCloud storage plans go up to 1TB, which is priced at $19.99 per month.

iCloud Photo Library can be enabled on iOS devices in the Settings app by going to iCloud > Photos and toggling on "iCloud Photo Library." The Settings app also lets users choose whether to optimize iPhone storage or download and keep original full-sized photos on their devices.

Once iCloud Photo Library is enabled, images and videos stored on iOS devices will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. They can be viewed as usual within the Photos app for iOS, and on the web, they can be viewed through the new iCloud Photos app on iCloud.com.

In the iCloud Photos app, users can perform several actions that are also available in the iOS version of the Photos app. Images can be favorited, which sends them to a special "Favorites" album, they can be downloaded in full resolution, or deleted, which removes the photos from iCloud Photo Library on all devices. From the main "Moments" view, it's also possible to click on the "Select Photos" option to delete or download multiple images at once.

iCloud Photo Library does not appear to be working flawlessly at the current point in time, which is likely why it's still given "beta" status. In MacRumors own testing, deleting some photos from the iCloud Photos app did not delete the photos from the iPhone 6 Plus they were taken on. A later sync even returned the photos to iCloud.com.

While iCloud Photo Library was available to developers during the iOS 8 beta testing period, Apple opted to pull it from the iOS 8 golden master ahead of iOS 8's public release and demote it to beta status.

The reason behind iCloud Photo Library's removal from the release version of iOS 8 was unclear, but it is possible Apple delayed the release in light of the negative press iCloud received in early September due to the celebrity photo leak.

With Apple having taken significant steps to bolster the security of iCloud, adding two-step verification and sending security emails when changes are made to iCloud or a device is restored, the company appears ready to let the public have full access to the new photo storage feature.

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Unanticipated baking problems

Oct. 20th, 2014 05:22 pm
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 It is really damn difficult to determine whether bread made from brilliant magenta dough is baked.  You still have the cue given by the sound of a thump, but judging the crust color is a lost cause.

Will post beet bread recipe later (probably tomorrow) after I've had time to figure out the success or otherwise of the experiment.  It rose beautifully, smells nice, and is very pretty.


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