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Feb. 27th, 2015 09:32 pm
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This is the one that got me. Right in the gut.

We rewatched "Yesteryear" tonight. It's the best of the animated Star Trek, quite fine on any terms, and entirely about Spock. It's also where D.C. Fontana wrote that the Vulcan philosophy that a death is to be mourned with tears only if the life that ended had been wasted. I don't think this one was.

Not to mention that he absolutely, positively, stuck the ending.

Well done, Mr. Nimoy. Thank you.
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Is it for now or for always,
The world hangs on a stalk?
Is it a trick or a trysting-place,
The woods we have found to walk?

Is it a mirage or miracle,
Your lips that lift at mine:
And the suns like a juggler's juggling-balls,
Are they a sham or a sign?

Shine out, my sudden angel,
Break fear with breast and brow,
I take you now and for always,
For always is always now
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So I thought this was pretty spot on

Neutral Good or Lawful Good
-7 chaos, -17 evil and 11 balance!Read more... )

Sinbad - 1x11 "Fiend or Friend?"

Feb. 27th, 2015 08:53 pm
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In which Mucca wants to know HOW THE FUCK THEY GOT TO MALTA!? (Nenya: "Or, Rina is basically on point the entire episode.")

Link to episode on youtube.

Feel free to link this to whoever you think might be interested. OpenID and anon comments are on for anyone who doesn't have a DW.

Comments are a spoiler zone for this episode, and every episode preceding it, but please white code spoilers for up coming episodes, as not everyone's seen the whole show yet.

How to white code:

I'm going to do a post for every episodes, as I watch them, and I'll probably watch one every couple of days.
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Anon asked: What would happen if Steve didn’t manage to get enlisted, and didn’t become cap, then got really sick during the winter and Bucky came back from war almost too late? Steve on his death bed, waiting for Bucky (wheter he lives or dies it’s up to you ) Not asking you to write a fic, except if you want lol, but just would like your opinion :D

My answer: Well, I can tell you for sure that you’ve just torn my heart out, so thanks for that, anon :P I’m a horrible piece of trash, because on the one hand, I obviously would want Steve to live - but on the other, I’m SO all about angst, and so the first scenario I imagine has skinny!Steve dying?? (I’M SORRY STEVE!) Okay, but I’ll pander to the majority and leave it open-ended, and we can just say that Steve gets better in the end… Here’s a general idea of what I picture…


Alright, so, Bucky already had an uncomfortable, sick knot of dread in the pit of his stomach going back home, and he just couldn’t help that - he’s had it since he and his unit were taken prisoners. It has to do with the fact that because of his capture, he hasn’t heard from Steve for the past couple of months.

You see, for the entire duration of Bucky’s time in the war, they’d been corresponding back and forth through courier, and Steve was usually pretty good at responding as promptly and as quickly as he could manage. Bucky’s letters didn’t even need to be long; a simple, ‘I’m fine; still not dead’ when he couldn’t afford to write any more would still be enough to make Steve satisfied. Steve always had a story to tell back; sending little fragments of Brooklyn in those envelopes, so Bucky felt a little less far away when he slept with them tucked in his breast pocket at night.

But then, of course, Hydra had gotten a hold of him - and the truth is, he couldn’t help but panic sometimes while he’d been strapped to that slab, Is Steve blowin’ a gasket because I haven’t been sendin’ him no more letters? He’d wondered how Steve would find out, in the event that Bucky died there, right in that factory…

Would he hear word on the street, or would his parents make a point to tell Steve themselves once they got the telltale letter - describing his fate in black ink, written by a hand that belonged to a man who knew Bucky as nothing more than a serial number?

In fact, that’d been one of the things that helped keep Bucky fighting: the need inside of him to talk to Steve just one more time, send him just one more letter… Tell him how he felt and give him all the advice he could ever give him, so that Steve would know how to navigate life if Bucky ever had to be taken away from it.

Bucky just wanted a chance to speak to Steve one last time, if that was all he’d be able to get. Of all the things fueling his will to live, that had been at the very top of the list.

Fast-forward two months later, and what he winds up getting is even better (well, given his circumstances):

By some act of God, he and the remaining survivors of the 107th are rescued from the Hydra factory. After safely being returned to an American base, Bucky’s told that he’s being sent home with an honorable discharge. Apparently being a prisoner of war is a strong enough reason to get what amounts to a free ticket out of the fight; has to do with him potentially no longer being deemed ‘fit for further service’.

Bucky supposes that he could fight their logic and stay where he is… After all, the scars on his body will gradually fade, as would the damage - even if the scars and damage caused to what lies beneath the surface will last him forever (he hopes they won’t but knows they will).

But the truth is, Bucky had been through so much in that fucking factory… And he’d grown sick of the war even long before that. He tells himself that, yeah, maybe taking that honorable discharge is sort of the coward’s way out of a war he had a responsibility to be in… But the majority of him just doesn’t care anymore. All he wants at this point is to go back home, and he’d have to be a damned fool to give up such an opportunity.

So he’s finally back at home, right? He had considered writing Steve a letter to give him the good news, but why spoil the surprise when he could give his best friend the news in person? Above all, he promises himself that since he’s been given that second chance he’d prayed and prayed for, he sort of owes it to the Lord to make good on his word now.

No matter how much he might want to chicken out once the time comes, Bucky promises himself that he is going to lay everything out on the line and be straight with Steve, first proper chance he gets. The war taught him many things, after all, and the biggest thing was that their time on this earth is short. Even if nothing could ever come from it, Bucky needs Steve to know that he loves him - that he’s loved him for years, for as long as James Buchanan Barnes has known was ‘love’ is.

He’s on his way there when he first hears it… Someone recognizes him - an older fella… hethinks it might be someone he used to work with down at the docks; someone who’d seen him with Steve plenty of times in the past - and stops him to welcome him home and thank him for his service. Then something seems to click for him, and suddenly the guy’s face falls and he says to Bucky, he says, “M’real sorry about your friend, Barnes. Everyone knew how close you two were.”

Well, Bucky already had that little uneasy twist in the pit of his belly - the one that formed from the moment he’d been taken captive that hadn’t yet had the chance to loosen up - so hearing words like those gets all the blood draining from the skin of his face in the blink of an eye, I tell you that much. Suddenly that little knot feels like a ball and chain, capable of taking Bucky off his feet and straight to his knees with how violently his stomach drops.

Somehow, he’s able to remain upright as he asks, “What’re you talkin’ about?”

Steve, that’s what. Their part of the neighborhood has always been a pretty familiar one. The folks who never leave know each other’s faces, even if they don’t know each other at all. So when word travel, it travels fast. Everyone knows about it - everyone except Bucky… About Sarah Rogers’s boy, looking about ready to follow in the footsteps she did and fill a triplet’s grave right next to his ma and pa. 

Bucky doesn’t hear much beyond the words “Steve” and “pneumonia”. He can’t feel his legs - in fact, he can’t feel much of anything at all - but he manages to get them properly working; straight into a run, before the fella’s even finished talking. Because Bucky knows what a deadly combination pneumonia and Steve Rogers make - he’s seen it, too many times to count. 

The last time everyone thought Steve was gonna kick the bucket, he’d been twelve. Bucky made sure he only cried whenever Steve wasn’t looking, but he can’t remember a time he’d cried that much, either. Not before and not since. He’d bartered with God that if he didn’t take Steve away from him, Bucky would offer up his own life the second he needed to without any hint of a complaint.

He’d reckoned he made good on that deal when he so willingly enlisted in the army all those years later. Dues to pay, n’ all…

Who’s been taking care of Steve while Bucky’s been away, if he’s been so sick? Knowing Steve’s dumb, stubborn ass, he wouldn’t be surprised if the answer was no one. Steve would fight being taken care of tooth and nail if it meant he could leave this world with his pride; prove to everyone (and sometimes, Bucky thinks, himself) that he was always stronger than everyone gave him credit for.

He’s breathless and sweating by the time he makes it to their end of town. He feels like he has tunnel vision by the time he’s booking it up the stairs three at a time to their once-shared apartment. The door is locked - they always lock it in their neighborhood, ‘cause better safe than sorry - so he kicks over that stupid fucking fake rock that Steve insisted he keep from his old place with his ma… Never mattered how many times Bucky would tell him that it’s the most obvious place to keep a spare key… 

Well, Bucky’s glad Steve never listened to him. His key is stuffed somewhere in the duffel bag slung across his back and he doesn’t have the time to go searching for it. His hands are shaking and his fingers fumble to pick up the little key the first couple tries, but eventually he’s able to get a grip.

He knows exactly where Steve is the second he’s inside, so his best friend’s bedroom is the first place he runs to. Sure enough, there’s Steve, flat on his back; head propped slightly like his ma always used to get him to do when he was sick growing up.

Bucky comes to a sudden stop at the sight of him. Because, it’s Steve, of course it is… But it also looks nothing like the Steve - his Stevie - that Bucky had left behind.

He’s impossibly thinner now… Cheeks, gaunt and too hollowed out… Dark bags below his eyes and lips as pale as the rest of his skin, and horribly cracked. The only real color to his face is the angry red around his nose, but the rest of him looks almost sallow, like milk gone bad… His hair, once so radiant and beautiful - golden, reminded Bucky of the sun as kids - is straw-like and mousy. 

He looks so small… Bucky’s heart just about shatters. Already, in his head, he’s setting up the stakes and making himself one last deal with God. He really hopes whoever up there is currently listening.

Steve’s so out of it that he doesn’t even wake up when Bucky starts moving again, heading straight for the bed and taking a seat to Steve’s left. It’s only when he puts his hand as lightly as he can on Steve’s belly and gives it a small shake, saying, “Steve…” that his best friend slowly opens his eyes.

At first, Steve doesn’t seem to believe Bucky’s really there, Bucky pretty sure of it. He looks surprised, then confused, then strangely peaceful - sounds like he thinks he’s trapped in a fever dream and nothing more when Steve gets the weakest smile Bucky’s ever seen him give… Struggles with every breath; struggles to keep his eyes open… And whispers hoarsely, “B… Buck… You’re here…”

"Yeah, pal, m’here; told you I’d be back, didn’t I? Ain’t that what I told you?"

When he reaches one hand out and rests it on Steve’s, he can feel the flutter of Steve’s pulse beneath his fingers. It’s too quick, yet too light. His bones feel like a baby bird’s… Like, if Bucky squeezed his wrist too hard, they’d snap in his grip. He’d been struggling to survive for Steve while prisoner in the war, while Steve had been withering away to nothing in the place where he was supposed to stay safe.

Bucky had trusted Brooklyn to take care of Steve when he left, he’d trusted it…

Steve still doesn’t seem to realize that Bucky’s actually there, and the longer that delirium lasts, the more unnerved it makes Bucky. Steve keeps struggling to keep his eyes open, like he doesn’t want to miss seeing Bucky’s face for one single second. Sometimes, he tries to open up his mouth to speak, but then that uses up air to breathe, and he just can’t do it.

Bucky just keeps repeating that he’s here, m’here, Stevie - and that Steve’s going to get better, now that Bucky’s there to take care of him again, ‘just like the good ole’ days.’

When Steve finally does find the strength to speak, what he says is enough to scare the absolute jeepers out of Bucky:

"I… asked the Lord… if… if I could… just see you one… one more time… All I needed was your… your… face, one smile… And then I could go…"

"Steve," Bucky says sternly.

"M’finally gonna get… to see my ma again…" Steve continues, eyes falling closed as a feverish smile just barely turns up the corners of his mouth. He struggles to breathe a bit more, and Bucky can see the tiniest tears cling to the outer corners of his eyes. "Missed her so much…"

"Steve, hey, you stop that,” Bucky snaps, trying not to yell. He isn’t about to let Steve give up on him - not after he finally got that chance he’d been asking for in the war. “You say shit like that again and m’gonna beat you up myself, ‘kay punk? Steve, look at me.”

A few prolonged seconds later, and Steve does. Bucky stares him dead in the eye and tells him, “You’re not dreamin’ me up, Rogers. I’m right here. I’m right here, Stevie.”

He keeps repeating himself, but not a single thing he says seems to be getting through. He can’t help but wonder just how many times Steve hallucinated Bucky being there at his bedside, just like this?

Probably about as many as Bucky hallucinating Steve’s presence during all those times he’d been experimented on.

Steve just keeps smiling at him, exhausted and lucid and half-incoherent and so damn lovingly. He just lets Bucky keep talking, and the stupid punk probably isn’t even hearing a goddamn word he’s fucking saying anymore.

"Buck…" Steve eventually cuts him off.


"You… you remember… that time at Co-… Coney I-Island…?"

Bucky’s bottom lip trembles. He tries to swallow the lump in his throat before it chokes him to death. “When I made you ride the Cyclone, and you threw up?”

"Yeah… I never did thank you… for that…”

"Thank me…?"

"Mhm…" Steve’s eyes close again, and for a second, Bucky’s heart stops because Steve just stills - looks so peaceful - and Bucky’s certain he just lost him. But then, shallow and barely-audible as they are, he catches Steve’s breathing, and Steve whispers, “…I finally got to… h-hold your… your hand…” He gives one weak chuckle. “Waited eleven years to do that…”

Bucky uses the fact that Steve’s eyes are currently closed to wipe at his own as discreetly as he can. He doesn’t want Steve to see him crying. Just like the last time this happened, Bucky needs to stay strong for him. And just like the last time, Steve needs to not fucking die.

Sniffling, Bucky tries to lighten up the conversation. He just needs to keep Steve conscious. “Hey, Steve,” he says, trying to keep his voice casual. It comes out strained and pitchy; weighed down by those tears still threatening to spill out of him. He gives his arm a light shake. “I’m gonna need you to wake up a bit for me, yeah? Didn’t come all the way home from the other side of the world for a shitty ‘welcome back’ party like this. I was hopin’ for balloons and everythin’.”

Steve’s only response to Bucky’s joke is a tired smile, but he doesn’t open his eyes. The panicked feeling in Bucky’s chest gets stronger, so his voice is harder when he shakes Steve’s arm again with more force. “I’m serious, Steve, don’t do this to me right now. Wake up and talk to me. Stevie, hey.”

This time, Steve’s baby blues do reopen. Slowly, his head lolls over Bucky’s way and Steve’s smile grows. Deliriously, he says, “You’re… even more beautiful than when you left, Buck… Even if you’re b… bossier than I remember…” 

He starts to laugh, when a coughing fit hits him out of nowhere. Maybe it’s because it’s been too many years since things were this bad, but it’s deeper, wetter, and uglier a sound than Bucky can ever recall it being. Steve’s glass of water is empty, so Bucky quickly grabs it and sprints into the kitchen to fill it up. He’s back by Steve’s side in less than ten seconds flat, making sure he drinks the water between coughs and then getting in closer so he can cup the side of Steve’s face and stroke it with his thumb while Steve’s body keeps heaving as he coughs… He repeats useless attempts at encouragement and reassurance, because what else can he do but ride it out with him?

The attack leaves Steve even more exhausted. When it finally passes, he seems to slump even further into the mattress; has an even harder time catching his breath. Steve still doesn’t seem to believe that Bucky’s really there with him. If he did, Bucky’s sure he wouldn’t be willing to throw in the towel without one last fight. He feels even more helpless than how he had at Zola’s hands.

"Buck…?" Steve whispers, so little and fragile. 

"Yeah, Steve, m’right here."

"You remember how… how we always said that… whole… ‘End of the line’ thing…?"

Bucky has to fight back the sudden urge to sob. He nods. “Yeah, buddy. That’s what we always said - you n’ me, ‘til the end of the line - not a second sooner.”

Steve continues as if Bucky hadn’t even spoken. “Thank you for… for bein’ here with me for the… end of my line, y’know?”

Bucky looks away then, clenching his jaw and inhaling unsteadily through his nose. Big, fat tears roll down his cheeks, even though he’s unblinking. Sniffling wetly, he clears his throat and then looks back to Steve, desperately trying for nonchalance.

"Well, you know," he replies, "I actually got told a funny story over in Italy, when me n’ this other guy were holed up in one of them trenches, you know the ones I’m talkin’ about? Anyways, we were gettin’ fired at, and this guy, his name was Dugan… ‘Dum Dum’, we all called him, ‘cept he wasn’t dumb at all. Smart as a fox, actually, just took him a bit longer to get there sometimes. 

"Anyways, there’re shots everywhere, and me? Well, I guess ole’ Dum Dum could see that your buddy Bucky was pretty scared. Now, you ever tell anyone that and I’ll deny it, but… yeah, I was pretty terrified. So Dum Dum, he starts talkin’ - not really about much of anythin’, just talkin’. Kept sayin’ the first thing that came to mind, just to distract us. Full of fun facts, he was… You know what I found out, Steve?”

"Mm…?" Steve hums back, that lazy smile still on his lips, eyes still closed. At least he’s listening.

"Lines, they have infinite points," Bucky answers. "Yeah, apparently even a short line has infinite points. Now, lines that have one end, they’re called ‘rays’ - they have a startin’ point, just like we all do, but then they just keep goin’ and goin’ - they never stop. Some lines don’t have no end.”

Bucky stares at him intently, turning Steve’s hand over in his own so he can squeeze it, keep him close. 

"I need you to understand what I’m trying to say here, Steve. I… I know you’re tired. I know you’re hurtin’ inside, and it’d just be so much easier to just quit. But you do that, and you ain’t the guy I thought you were, hear me?" Bucky presses, voice cracking. "For all you know, there’s someone in the world… Someone who loves you too much to stand losin’ you… M’not sayin’ that sad sap is me, but… M’not sayin’ it’s not me, either.

"What would I do without ya, huh? Don’t you know that a guy like me is only as good as the company he keeps? You, Steve? You’re the best company I ever had - kept me on the right side of the tracks even though m’pretty sure I was born on the wrong ones. You fuckin’ die on me and I swear, I swear right here in front of the Lord Himself, I will track you down in the afterlife, and I will kick your fuckin’ ass – I don’t care if I have to move Heaven and Hell to get to you. When we said ‘the end of the line’, we meant for the both of us, and maybe I’m not ready to let go just yet. Maybe I’m holdin’ out for infinity.”

Steve’s breathing is a bit more even now, and Bucky realizes after a moment that Steve’s fallen asleep. He’d feel disappointed by that, if not for the fact that he’s squeezing Bucky’s hand back, just the tiniest bit. His Stevie has always been a fighter, and he’s going to make sure he wins it for yet another day. Death will have to get past Bucky Barnes first.

“I love you, Steve,” Bucky lets himself say out loud, since it’s safe. Leaning in, he presses his lips to Steve’s fevered forehead. Steve twitches but doesn’t wake up. Bucky will try again when he does, though – try for as long as he has to until Steve believes him when he says he’s really there. He’ll make a mental list of all the reasons to kick his best friend’s hide for scaring him like this, and when Steve feels better, Bucky will recite them all. They’ll laugh about it, they will.

Until then, he won’t leave Steve’s side for a second. He climbs the rest of the way onto the bed, even though there’s hardly the room for him. Doesn’t matter, they’ve always found a way to share everything they ever had. Keeping Steve’s hand in his, he rests his head next to Steve’s shoulder and waits…

Busy day.

Feb. 27th, 2015 11:30 pm
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Breakfast, kid's eye-exam, new frame selection, ferrying things to MIL's house, spouse doing their shopping in their car -- his is still in the shop -- trying to organize kid visiting with friends at local arcade-and-food place (failed), and then pick up spouse in time to run over to the dealership and get a loaner car while they get one last teeny piece from Japan or something. (It's a kind of old car.)

Then we ate dinner over there, because rush hour traffic was hooooorrrrible and we didn't want to deal with that.

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Thank you, Mr. Nimoy

Feb. 27th, 2015 07:25 pm
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intrigueing wrote a wonderful tribute to Mr. Nimoy, and I responded. I'm really not up to writing a eulogy of my own at this point. The loss is too profound for me to touch.

But I recommend reading her tribute. It's wonderful.
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Does anyone have any idea as to Bucky’s general location when he fell from the train?  I’m assuming Russia, given the attire of the man who found him, but were we ever given any indication as to where the mission occurred?

I’ve been wondering about this for a while. In my head, the whole thing does not make any sense.

Talking strictly MCU here – the last time we’ve seen Zola before the train scene, he’d been experimenting on Bucky at a facility near the Italian/Austrian border.

Steve catches a glimpse of the map:

(Sorry for the terrible quality)


The HYDRA base should have been somewhere around that stylish red dot.

There’s almost a year (?) between Bucky being rescued by Steve and falling from the train, so Zola could have gone anywhere. Russia though, that seems a rather dangerous journey, even if HYDRA had already infiltrated parts of the military there.

I assumed, given Zola continues working for the Red Skull, they retreated to one of the other bases… again, see map.

Now, I’m dead sure I read “train through the alps” a lot in fanfic, and either we’re all wrong, or that’s Canon. (I think I even remember Eastern Alps?)

So there, hello Alps:


Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, parts of Germany, Italy, Hungary and what’s now Slovenia.

So Zola’s Swiss, right? For some reason, I always assumed that’s where the train was headed, but even if it wasn’t – they must have been in that general area somewhere, and I can’t really see how they’d be likely to meet Russian soldiers there.

And even IF.  Why wouldn’t they return Bucky to their – at that point – allies? 

I have both read and written fic where Bucky was found by some other party first and only when the war was over came to be with the Russians, but that doesn’t seem to be backed up by Canon, either.

Therefore: confusion all around.

It’s not actually all that confusing!

We know the first HYDRA base, the one where Dr Zola experiments on Bucky, is located in Austria, between Kitzbühel and Klagenfurt (the red dot on your first map above):


When the Kitzbühel-Klagenfurt base is set to self-destruct, Red Skull escapes in a one-person prop-plane while Dr Zola drives off in Red Skull’s car. They later meet up in the vicinity of another HYDRA base, as evidenced by Red Skull driving the car to inspect the destroyed base during the Howling Commandos montage, and again in the “you are failing!” scene. This suggests Dr Zola is travelling between the different HYDRA bases in Europe to speed up the production of weapons and parts for the Valkyrie and to ward off the Howling Commandos, a mission he is obviously failing on both counts as Red Skull tells him, “we are continually delayed because you cannot outwit a simpleton with a shield!”

The movie cuts straight from Red Skull ordering Dr Zola to “finish your mission […] before the American finishes his” to Dr Zola’s train driving through a snowy mountain range. According to the CA:TFA Director’s Commentary, the Howling Commandos are waiting to ambush the train “on a mountainside in Austria,” and the visual effects team reports that the scene “takes place in the Alps”—put together, this gives us the Eastern Alps. I’ve been trying to find an in-movie reference to the Eastern Alps specifically, but I’ve only got extratextual evidence. However, I think it’s fair to assume Dr Zola is heading towards the main HYDRA base, according to Colonel Philips located “in the Alps, 500 feet below the surface,” to finish his work on the Valkyrie, which is scheduled to take off a couple of days later. This all points towards Bucky falling from the train somewhere in the Eastern Alps.

So what’s up with the Soviet soldiers finding him? Answer: the Eastern Front. In the spring of 1945, the Eastern Front was pushing through Czechoslovakia into Hungary and Austria:


It’s not unlikely a vanguard of Soviet soldiers would’ve made its way into the Alps and found Bucky there. They’d have taken him back to their camp for medical treatment, discovered that he had superhuman strength/stamina/healing abilities due to Dr Zola’s experiments, and then just… kept him. The Soviet Union and the US weren’t exactly the best of friends even as allies, and the end of the war became a free-for-all grab-bag of German technology and resources. An American soldier left for dead would be considered spoils of war, especially if he showed evidence of superhuman abilities that Soviet scientists wanted to study. Which evidently they did, since the KGB’s Special Division started a file on James Barnes on March 23, 1945 (see eatingcroutons​’s fantastic MCU timeline):


The US branch of HYDRA later reacquires Bucky, probably at Dr Zola’s behest and after the fall of the Soviet Union when Russia was selling out of its military surplus.

Additionally, it’s possible that Bucky was picked up not by the Russian military, but by a Russian branch of Hydra. At that point, Hydra had been separated from the Nazis for a year or so, and the Red Skull was working on his own plan for world domination. As we know, Hydra later became an international organization with its claws in many countries. It’s not improbable that this kind of expansion would have begun even during the war, as Hydra scrambled to provide itself with backup plans and hidden locations — if you cut off one head two more will take its place, and the bases in occupied territory were heads that were identified, vulnerable, and too entwined in the fate of Nazi Germany to be the only irons Hydra had in the fire. If there were elements in Germany that were more interested in supporting Hydra than the Third Reich, the same would be true in Russia. Why not? So perhaps Zola got the word out to his Russian colleagues to pick up an interesting project that the Americans had dropped in the mountains. 

Besides, Bucky sees Zola in a flashback to the very, very early days of becoming the Winter Soldier: “Sergeant Barnes, the procedure has already started.” He still knew his name. He hadn’t been with anybody very long. If Bucky wasn’t picked up by Hydra directly, then the Russian military didn’t have him for long at all before Hydra acquired him. 

Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday, [ profile] alyse!

Prompt for 2015-02-28

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Today's prompt is "you're breaking my heart and I'm loving it".

daily gratitudes

Feb. 27th, 2015 09:56 pm
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  1. a day that begins with a yoga class
  2. tea with honey
  3. I survived my first whiteboard coding exercise (I don't want to talk about it)
  4. I have a delightfully reliable wardrobe that can make me look like a grownup
  5. oh my god it's the weekend yaaaaaay

tbr meme

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Via Eve's Alexandria:

1. How do you keep track of your TBR pile?

I don't. LibraryThing is for things I own, whether read or unread, and Goodreads is for logging things I read 90+% through (not for research-style hunt and peck). I have a list of texts that I'd like to find sometime, but it doesn't include things already found yet unread.

2. Is your TBR mostly print or ebook?

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