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Mine depends somewhat on the length of text I intend to write. But for the most part, it works like this: 1 Glimmer of an idea, 2) research. Not always: very rarely, I've written in direct response to an episode I just watched, and thus there was no lengthy pondering and no research.

But in most cases, I tend to mull over the ideas I have, to do research which sometimes adds new direction - be that research in the sense of canon rewatching/rereading or research in the sense of finding out background facts -, and to let the ideas grow. Sometmes, not often, but sometimes, I talk about these ideas with other people. (This was most recently the case with one of my two Yuletide stories.) Generally I like to work on my own until I've done a first draft, but it can be both necessary and profitable to bounce ideas off someone.

Once I've pondered, let the ideas grow into somthing more, have done my research etc., I write the story. Read it through on my own. And go off in search of that most invaluable of writer's help, a beta-reader. Seriously: whether you're a newbie who has just completed her first story, or a veteran of decades, beta readers always help. (I don't always have them, granted, but that's more an availability and fandom knowledge question.) In the case of my fanfiction, there's an additionional reason, to wit, English isn't my native language, and while I'm reasonably fluent I still make mistakes now and then, especially in the written form.

I have the rough outline of a story in my head before I start to write them - i.e. I know what will happen to the main characters, where I want to go with them. Something I've never experienced was to start writing with no idea of how a story would end. Otoh it does happen that supporting characters (supporting in my story, not nessarily in their original canon) suprise, in the sense that I had no specific ideas about them in mind when starting to write beyond some vague awareness they would show up, and then they suddenly get a key scene or two, if it's a longer story.

Writers' block: also sometimes happens. In which case my usual method of dealing is to write something else, or nothing at all: I can't write half heartedly. But sometimes working on another project clears your head and emotional cluster, I've found.

Writing, technically: I type. My first few stories, as a teenager, were written by hand because I'm that old, and I switched to using computers and type my tales when I was 19-ish. Also: I need quiet. Music can be a good way to relax between writing sessions, but not during, not for me. It distracts me. And speaking of distractions: I don't care much where I'm writing, i.e. at home or in a hotel room, as long as it's quiet and I have any research material I might need to recheck available. But people and phonecalls can be serious distractions wherever I am.

December Talking Meme: the other days
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My Tribute to Stephen Colbert for @Sketch_Dailies. 
(Parody of Napoleon at the Saint-Bernard Pass by David)

It’s been 9 AMAZING years of The Colbert Report and even though I’m sad to see it come to an end I wish Colbert the best of luck on the Late Show next year!! I’ll be cheering you on! 


Dec. 20th, 2014 05:01 pm
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Posted by mugumogu

Maru opens the cover of the bathtub and enters inside.
Hana jumps towards the toy which has been washed and aired.

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In a confluence of terrible timing, tonight is Craig Ferguson's last show as host of the Late Late Show, and I also just got my period. I am leaking tears and they will not stop. I mean, I'm laughing, but I'm also crying and genuinely upset about this. I WASN'T READY TO LET YOU GO CRAIG ;______________________;

Thanks for the memories, Craig. I've loved your show for ten years, and I'm going to miss it a lot.

And as if that's not enough, it was also Stephen Colbert's last Colbert Report last night. Goodbye to "Stephen Colbert" too! You gave us some of the best satire when we needed it the most.

Seriously, this is too much change at once in my late night landscape ;_____; Who will I watch now? NO ONE. Well, no one but Chris Hardwick with @midnight, I guess. And maybe Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers sometimes.

Yeah, no, still crying. Please, can we blame this on the hormones?

December Daily Meme - Day 20

Dec. 20th, 2014 03:12 am
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Comfort movie (or several). The sort that you can watch infinity numbers of times and it always makes you feel good. ([personal profile] ysobel)

My #1 answer to this question is and will forever be Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Yes, the one with the whales. It is the perfect movie. It is Star Trek, which is very possibly my oldest fandom, and there is time travel, which is one of my favorite tropes, and they go to San Francisco, which is where I was born. Why wouldn't I like this movie? My family and I have pretty much the entire thing memorized now ("the keyboard! how quaint!") and if I am sick or sad or whatever it is guaranteed to make me happy. Yes. Writing this is making me think about rewatching it, actually.

My runner-up answers: Labyrinth. The Last Unicorn. Time After Time (by the director of Star Trek IV, about H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper time-traveling to modern SF; I think you see a theme here). Jumpin' Jack Flash (80s action/comedy movie where Whoopi Goldberg the bank employee becomes involved with espionage and has kind of a LDR with a spy over the international bank computer terminals). Also The Eagle makes me happy, but you probably figured that. Also if you count movies I've watched repeatedly recently, I seem to be watching the first Iron Man movie a lot lately (I keep putting it on intending to watch the beginning and then, whoops, I accidentally an entire movie); I think it's probably still my favorite of the MCU films, although I feel like kind of a poseur putting that on a favorite movie list when I have really only been in the fandom a few months.

Winter Solstice, Summer Solstice

Dec. 20th, 2014 03:01 am
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Photogrpaher: Dion Davidson

Summary Author: Dion Davidson

Shown above are two photos taken from the same spot over my home in Draper, Utah on the dates of the winter solstice and the summer solstice. The one at top was captured near sunset on December 21, 2013, at 4:44 p.m. Mountain Standard Time and the one at bottom was snapped just before sunset on June 21, 2014, at 8:50 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time. They were blended, using Photoshop, to show how dramatically the Sun moves across the horizon in the course of half a year. Note that this year's winter solstice occurs on December 20 at 4:03 p.m., Mountain Standard Time or 23:03 Universal Time. This is the day having the shortest period of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere.


Photo details: Nikon D7000 camera; Tamron 10-24 mm at 18 mm lens; ISO 100; f/11; 1/100 sec. exposure (Dec) and 1/160 sec. exposure (June)., Raw images processed in Lightroom to match white balance and tint between the two shots. Photos combined in Photoshop.  

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I've been thinking that maybe all the current races are elves who've been cut off from the Fade to various extents and in different ways.
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Title: Assassin's Apprentice (Farseer Trilogy Book 1)
Author: Robin Hobb
Published: New York: Random House, 2002 (1995)
Rating: 4 of 5
Page Count: 480
Total Page Count: 149,909
Text Number: 439
Read Because: interest in the companion animal trope, ebook borrowed from the Multnomah County Library
Review: The bastard son of a prince comes to his father's home to discover the unique role he can play in a changing society. Assassin's Apprentice moves leisurely, lingering on the day to day life of its fantasy society, yet it never drags—nor is it overburdened by worldbuilding, nor does it wallow in the protagonist's adolescence. Through most of the book I wanted more of the magical companion animal trope that drew it to my attention, but the final act provides that in plenty; its intrigues aren't excessive, but have satisfying weight. It's not a flawless effort, and the interpersonal aspects and the antagonist characterization are both trite. But I was surprised by how thoroughly I enjoyed Assassin's Apprentice. Its combined effect is absorbing, far more so than I usually find this genre. I plan to continue with the series, but I could be satisfied with just this book (which does stand alone).

Daily Happiness

Dec. 19th, 2014 11:06 pm
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1. I have the sweetest cuddliest cat ever! (You may think it is your cat that deserves the honor, but I disagree!)

2. Oceanhorn is really fun. I've been playing it a lot.

3. It's so busy at work and people keep calling in sick (so far there's been at least two people out every day this week (plus one who's been out for a while due to appendicitis), though at least today it wasn't cashiers), but I still have managed to get some stuff accomplished (though really hardly anything today due to the morning delivery check taking so long because of large shipments + one fewer people to help check).

4. I get to sleep in three days in a row!

5. I made salmon and rice for dinner (with sauteed onions and mushrooms) and it was sooooo delicious.
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medieval facepalm

(Noah, Ham, Shem and Japheth, Genesis 9:20-24)

Biblia Pauperum, Netherlands ca. 1395-1400 (British Library, Kings 5, fol. 15r)

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Ha, victory! I knew once I actually sat down to write the damn fic, it would come fairly quickly, and I was right -- I wrote the whole thing in under twelve hours. The POV ended up switched to the other main character, and the plot arc took some unexpected minor swerves, but this is about 85% the story I intended to write, and that's a better outline-to-story accuracy rate than I usually get.

I need to get it edited, of course, but the main point is that there is something to edit.

(On that note, does anyone want to beta a short fic about what happened to a couple people after the end of their canon story? The book in question is obscure, but I can provide a canon synopsis and what I mostly need to know is if I adequately signaled a few things within my fic, and that requires no canon knowledge whatsoever.)

This is delightful.

Dec. 20th, 2014 12:37 am
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I am watching The Librarians (thank goodness for On Demand - I am going to catch up on EVERYTHING over the next two weeks). It's terrible, but in that way that is delightful to watch.

I love everyone - Jane Curtin and Bob Newhart, GOODNESS I LOVE THEM. Rebecca Romijn is... well. I love her. I love her character. I love her bun. Her fake fighting skills are crap. But she'll get better. Maybe Christian Kane will give her some tips.

I love Christian Kane SO MUCH but he looks... not great. I'm hoping things get better. But it doesn't really matter, because he's CHRISTIAN KANE and I love him. His stupid face! His stupid accent! HIS SHORT LITTLE LEGS! I love him so much. I miss his hair, but what can you do. Also, him being super smart and an art historian is brilliant. I also love in the first episode how he interacts with Cassandra is brilliant.

I love Cassandra and Ezekiel (HIS ACCENT OMG) and Jenkins (JOHN LARROQUETTE WHAT) and while I haven't seen one of the Librarian movies/miniseries/whatever-the-hell-they-are in a while, but Noah Wylie's Librarian-cum-Doctor is lovely. He's delightfully eccentric and cranky.

I love the bad guys, too! :D :D :D MATT FREWER, MY GOD. Also, Lamia (Lesley-Ann Brandt) is gorgeous, and SHE can actually stage fight. Brava, my lady. Brava.

Delightful. Cheesy, terrible CGI, but OMG I will watch this FOREVER. LOVE.

OH! OH! OH! And episode two is going to London, where there is a great ley line under it. CAN YOU SAY NIGHTSIDE?! WHO IS WRITING ME THIS CROSSOVER?!!?!!!!

Also, I watched the little "Intro to Galavant" thing, and that looks like it is going to be fricking GENIUS. Tim Omundsun is brill, as is the guy playing Galavant, both of the leading ladies, and at least three of the supporting characters (particularly Luke Youngblood, who is gorgeous and has a lovely voice). It seriously looks like it is going to be AMAZING, and ALAN MENKEN IS WRITING THE MUSIC. I was going to watch it before (Tim Omundson! Comedy musical fairytale!) but once I found out about Alan Menken, I am now pretty certain this is going to be a brilliant hit. The only problem is that I'll be travelling on Sundays for the next few months. :( :( :(

Just saw the Korra finale :D :D

Dec. 20th, 2014 02:21 pm
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Overall the show ended really well, and if you gave up in books 1 or 2 it has gotten much better since then.

The main issue with this season is that it gave me what I wanted, eg one of the weirdly hot animated morally ambiguous badass butch brunette women is in her 30s instead of super young or super old...and she's basically Hitler. THANKS SHOW. THAT TOTALLY MAKES ME FEEL LESS WEIRD.
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Dec. 19th, 2014 10:30 pm
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- Woke up at 9am today, with only 6 hours sleep. Had to wash my hair.

- Ate just a noodle for lunch in anticipation of a dinner at some hotel with a new friend.

- Did some last minute cleaning, left the apartment at 2pm, caught the 2.25 bus downtown to the train station. It had to be re-routed because of some closure on Uni Ave.

- Train line was super long, because one of the machines was damn finicky and of course I got it. Took me three tries with all my available cards.

- Sat close to a chatty senior undergrad who, idk, had "rube" written all over her forehead, to hear her tell the ish she'd gone through the entire quarter. Tried to explain what I did, and she was enthused but started talking and I'm not sure I understood her sentences from start to finish. And I'm usually pretty good at deciphering these sorts of things.

- The Flyaway to LAX took almost an hour with the traffic. I kept texting the friend over and over, because I couldn't remember which hotel we were going to meet at. Couldn't check in early so I had to lug my luggage with me to wait for the shuttle.

- I got onto a shuttle that serves two hotels but didn't understand it. Didn't matter because the friend had thrown his back and couldn't make it down.

- Determined to make the best of it anyway. Ended up at the Westin. Had shrimp, a glass of wine, some fries, a brownie. Had a very nice waiter. A very expensive dinner.

- Caught the shuttle back to LAX, checked in, went through security. My cookies went through! So... now waiting for the flight. Developing a headache. Really want to sleep. Not looking forward to 13 hours of sitting. Too much sitting. Sigh.

some things

Dec. 19th, 2014 10:21 pm
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* I'd been waiting to see whether Flight Rising does anything with all of those gathered items---crafting was rumored. Nothing so far, and as of 12 Dec I've discontinued daily check-ins. I haven't been breeding dragons for interesting color combinations for at least six months, nor running them through combat for items; it's been fourteen months since account creation. (All I do most days is feed dragons, gather, and visit Pinkerton's Pile and Swipp's Swap.) Sunset, with 55 familiars and 520 points.

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