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There are a pair of Olympic hockey gold medals currently up for auction that could use a good home.

Bill and Dave Christian, the father-son duo who won gold representing the United States at the 1960 and 1980 Olympics, respectively, have decided to sell their medals to the highest bidder through Heritage Auctions. 

"Whether or not we have it in our hand, we still both won gold medals," Dave Christian told the Associated Press. "The memories and all the stories and what not, they won't ever go away.”

Heritage Auctions will conclude bidding next weekend during an event in New York City.

Heritage Auctions

Bill, 78, recorded 13 points during the 1960 tournament in Squaw Valley that saw the U.S. win all seven games en route to gold. Dave, 56, assisted on eight goals in eight games as the “Miracle on Ice” team shocked the world in defeating the Soviet Union and Finland to earn gold at Lake Placid.

Dave Christian’s medal will be the third “Miracle” gold to hit the auction block, following the sale of Mark Wells’ in 2010 for $310,700 and Mark Pavelich’s for $262,900 in 2014. 

Aside from Pavelich and Wells, we’ve seen other “Miracle” memorabilia up for auction over the past several years, including the jerseys worn by Mike Eruzione and Ken Morrow during the Soviet Union game and the gold medal ring presented to head coach Herb Brooks. 

In July, Jim Craig, goaltender for the 1980 U.S. squad, put 19 items from the Lake Placid Games up on auction through Lelands, which included his gold medal and famous mask, for $5.7 million. The lot went unsold after two months. 

Like Pavelich, the Christians felt it was better to part with the treasures than have them continue to sit around in storage. The money will go toward the five grandchildren in the family.

“Better to part with it than let the moths eat it,” Dave said.

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Posted by Yahoo Sports Staff

By Sasha Yodashkin

Saturday's eight-game NHL slate shouldn't be lacking in fantasy production, with the NHL's two highest-scoring teams facing off on the same night that the two worst defensive units play each other. While the Capitals-Stars and Senators-Blue Jackets games figure to feature plenty of valuable performances, it's important not to overlook the rest of the league in the quest for value. All of the players listed below are in position to outperform their prices and lead their owners to victory.

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Carter Hutton, NSH at FLA ($29) -

 Hutton isn't called upon often, but he has been very effective when asked to step in this season. The Predators backup has posted an impressive 5-2-1 record in eight appearances and has held his last two opponents to one combined goal while winning both of his last two starts. Assuming he get the nod on the second night of a back-to-back for Nashville, Hutton makes for a top-notch No. 2 option at just $29.

Goalie to avoid:

Eddie Lack, CAR vs. NYI ($37) -

 Lack has allowed at leasts four goals in three of his last six starts, and life doesn't get any easier for him against the NHL's sixth-most productive offense. His chances of living up to his price as the night's third-most expensive goaltender are slim, with many cheaper options with brighter outlooks available.


Connor McDavid, EDM vs. WPG ($23) -

 McDavid has four goals and eight assists in six games since returning from a shoulder injury after his five-point night against the Maple Leafs on Thursday. The rookie is as hot as any player in the league, making him a massive bargain at just $23. Don't expect Winnipeg's 25th-ranked defense to have much luck containing the 2015 first overall pick now that he's getting comfortable at the NHL level. 

Center to Avoid:

Mark Scheifele, WPG at EDM ($21) -

 Scheifele hasn't scored a goal since Dec. 15, as a combination of injuries and offensive ineptitude has kept him off the board for two months. While his six assists in 12 games since that point are respectable, nothing about his scoring rate or plus-1 rating in that span indicates that Scheifele is worth $21. 


Jeff Skinner, CAR vs. NYI ($21) -

 Skinner is red hot right now, with 21 shots on goal and a plus-4 rating to go along with two goals and four assists over his current five-game point streak. While New York's 10th-ranked defense is nothing to sneeze at, Skinner's two-point game against a superior Blackhawks squad the last time he faced a top-10 unit shows that he's capable of delivering against any opponent in his current state. Keep riding the speedy winger until he shows signs of slowing down.

Scott Hartnell, CLS vs. OTT ($19) - Hartnell's solid all-around resume makes him an enticing option in what figures to be a high-scoring battle between the two worst defensive teams in the NHL. The rugged winger has a symmetrical 18 goals and 18 assists this season, and his minus-2 rating is respectable considering he plays for one of the NHL's bottom-feeders. Priced below teammates Cam Atkinson ($24) and Nick Foligno ($20) at his position, Hartnell offers the best bang for the buck out of the group. 

Wings to Avoid:

Daniel Sedin, VAN vs. TOR ($23) -

 Sedin has hit an offensive rut of late, failing to get on the scoresheet while scoring just 6.0 total fantasy points per game over his last four. Toronto's top defensemen will be eager to prove themselves after getting burned for five points by Edmonton's Connor McDavid on Thursday, and Sedin's recent struggles coupled with their effort could be enough to limit him once again.

Justin Williams, WAS at DAL ($20) - Williams has topped 5.0 fantasy points just once in his last seven games, as he has become a forgotten man among Washington's bevy of offensive weapons. His odds of changing that trend on the road against a Dallas team looking to take over the Central Division lead are pretty low. 


Erik Karlsson, OTT at CLS ($34) -

 Karlsson's $34 price may seem excessive until you take a closer look at his recent production. The Swedish defenseman is pacing all skaters by averaging 14.1 fantasy points per game over his last 10, as he continues to contribute in all facets. Not only is Karlsson tied for second in the league in points, but his 161 shots on goal place him in the top 30, while his 111 blocked shots give him an element lacked by the forwards who offer comparable offensive production. There's no safer DFS bet night-in and night-out than Karlsson at the moment, and his matchup with the Blue Jackets makes him a no-brainer. 

Duncan Keith, CHI vs. ANH ($20) - Keith is heating up again, with 13.0 and 15.0 fantasy point performances among his last three games. His 11 shots on goal and nine blocks in that span have allowed the blueliner to accrue significant points without having to get on the scoresheet multiple times, but he's more than capable of doing so as illustrated by the goal and assist Keith recorded against the Ducks in their first meeting. 

Defensemen to Avoid:

Tyler Myers, WPG at EDM ($17) -

 Myers' strength is supposed to be his offensive aptitude, but you would never know that from his lone point over the last 13 games. His unremarkable blocked shot total makes Myers essentially useless if he isn't getting on the scoreboard. 

Aaron Ekblad, FLA vs. NSH ($18) - Ekblad has broken double-digit fantasy points just once in his last 10 games. His 36 blocked shots put him on par with some high-scoring forwards, and you wouldn't spend $18 on a forward who has just one goal and four assists over his last 13 appearances.


Festivids reveals!

Feb. 13th, 2016 09:25 am
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Festivids reveals!

Many thanks to [personal profile] seekingferret and [personal profile] livrelibre for my gifts!

I made the Saga vid for [personal profile] frayadjacent. Vid post for Your Mother over here.

blathering about Your Mother / vidding comics / vidding spoken word )

tech discussion of Your Mother )

So, yeah. That's the haphazard run through. Nothing I did is hard, though most of it is time-consuming. Happy to answer any questions or provide more screenshots if you have questions. Seriously, if I can do it, you can do it and I really want you to do it.

Also, if anyone reading this hasn't watched [personal profile] garrideb's comic vids you should go watch them right now. Here is the tag for all of them. I basically watched all of them, particularly Hope in the Air, on repeat while making this vid. [personal profile] garrideb's vids are the gold standard of comic vids, at least to me.


Feb. 13th, 2016 05:49 am
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Not yesterday...


but yeah, firehose your own self

Dirt dump job yesterday (pictured, taken some years ago, no pic from yesterday) got stuck in mud up to truck bumper, got pulled out, 20 minutes hosing off compacted mud and rock from between tires, another hose atop raised platform to wash out box, sore muscles but good today

I have an app called Whisper. Anyone else have it? I visit on occasion. Some humor, some heartbreak, some of everything.

TR, or TFR


(Tori rides, or Tori fuckin' rides)

That's what I've named her. TR.

Pick from last January just before I bought her from TJ.
Still had Tori's plates on it. NY TORI (New York Italian she was through and through)
TJ wanted the plates so I got new ones.

Going to my mechanic buddy this morning for oil and filter change and new rear brakes. Has disc brakes on all fours.

TJ is just mucking along, waiting for the day she can join Tori. Her love, her wife, her life. Many of us love her and are here for her, which does help some but not really.

Bandmate Steve and his wife Beans have a precious little seven year old girl who recently said, "I wish I could just eat up all of TJ's sadness. Then I would poop it out."

Brings me to tears.

Spin in the desert



Spin headed back to the desert a couple of days ago. Van broke down, had him stranded in Ramona, CA.

Upside is he just got his SSA check. Downside is repair cost him almost half of it.

The unfair part of it is he just replaced the distributor last summer. A small screw on it broke and had to be repaired/replaced? All I know is he's on a very low budget this month. Poor guy.

Yeah that's what I got

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Feb. 13th, 2016 09:11 am
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Saw a doctor for my knee last week & got a short-run prescription for anti-inflammatory meds and rest and ice. Will try to rest more this week-end.

Still employed.

The water heater broke & had to be replaced. (I was the one who noticed it was making weird noises and had started leaking. Parents got the replacement installed while I was at work.)

I would maybe like to see Deadpool, but will probably just stay home and try to catch up on the TV I didn't have time to watch during the week and rest my knee.

Likewise, want to get Crimson Peak on bluray but will wait a bit more.
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Posted by cooltools

Beginning today, each week we’ll feature two questions from Ask Cool Tools that are either unanswered or in need of an update.

Adamh asks Cool Tools “What is the best best book about doing interviews?” Answer him here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 2.37.43 PM


Also, can you help update edgertor’s 2012 question regarding the best low-flow but high-pressure shower head?


Mesolithic burials

Feb. 13th, 2016 11:56 am
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Thanks to the joys of Twitter, I've just read about the discovery of a new Mesolithic burial site in Germany. The Mesolithic, i.e. Stone Age hunter-gatherers for readers not acquainted with European archaeological terminology, was my first favourite time period together with the Viking Age. Since moving abroad I've have had very little opportunity for anything Mesolithic - it seems to only exist as the odd flint scatter over here and not as the bone and flint rich settlement sites we had in southern Sweden.

The burial site is on a small hill near Gross Fredenwalde, Brandenburg, and contains the skeletons of nine individuals, among those a 6 months old baby - the youngest complete skeleton from this time period in Germany. One man had been buried upright in a pit, and radiocarbon dates showed that he had died several centuries after the others, suggesting that the burial site would have had some sort of significance for the later inhabitants.

Only part of the site has been excavated and I wonder if this is an isolated cemetery site or if there was a settlement attached to it, like the Skateholm site in Sweden? I guess only extended excavations will tell.

And now for the links, because you didn't come here just to get my brief summary:
- Quartär - the "proper" archaeological article, with more information than you can shake a stick at. (pdf, in English)
- National Geographic - if you want a brief report that still gives you plenty of information.
- RBB - German article, with video.

So, I'm doing it. Today. Later.

Feb. 11th, 2016 05:56 am
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Taking apart the entire laptop for kicks to replace the hinge. OMG this is going to be a disaster. I told my sister I expect her to hum the Mission: Impossible theme song the entire time I'm doing this, and she said she had errands to run. Well, you can hum while shopping, can't you? Apparently not.

What sort of sister IS she, even? Honestly! Well, cross your fingers for me. (And hum! Very important.)


A metal that behaves like water

From London to Timbuktu, there is a teeming underworld of rebellious “anti-societies” who speak a mercurial, ever-changing code. Their words are, quite literally, gobbledygook designed to confuse authority.

Mice watching movies on iPods prefer action to mouse erotica

Darling, Can You Spare a Dime? How Victorians Fell in Love With Pocket Change

With 3 new monuments, Obama creates world’s second-largest desert preserve

Crafty professor gives extra credit in exam for answering hilarious questions

Famous movie quotes - charted

How to change someone’s mind, according to science

By switching 'bait,' biologists trick plants' bacterial defense into attacking virus

A Son Rises in the West

The Friday Night Rites of New York's Church Bell Ringers

Microsoft’s Cortana has no time for sexist bullshit

Why is it so hard to squash a cockroach?

2016 All Candidates Debate

Give Your Beloved a Sweet, Glistening Brain for Valentine’s Day

There’s been a big decline in the black incarceration rate, and almost nobody’s paying attention

How pickpockets trick your mind

Republicans — Then And Now — Talking About Drug Addiction

Inside the cloning factory that creates 500 new animals a day

Women considered better coders – but only if they hide their gender

Intimate Portraits of Flint Show Frustration, Fear, Perseverance

Fear of Vengeful Gods Helped Societies Expand

How a Slice of Pizza May Have Helped Catch California's Longest-Active Serial Killer

5 Things Only Poor Teens Understand About Poverty

Four billion people face severe water scarcity, new research finds

21st Century US 'dustbowl' risk assessed

How teachers are getting it wrong on climate change

Egyptian doctors revolt against escalating police abuses

Some victims of sex crimes are systematically denied the right to be heard in court

Festivids Reveals 2015

Feb. 13th, 2016 11:40 am
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The vids I made this year were:

A Forest (Limbo) for [personal profile] mithborien
Fire Starter (Supergirl) for [personal profile] elipie
Under Pressure (The Martian) for [personal profile] niyalune

I definitely expected someone to guess me for A Forest but apparently it wasn't as obvious as I thought! Meanwhile [personal profile] anoel guessed me for Under Pressure, which I expected to be the least obvious. Full of surprises.

will hopefully get around to finish vid posts complete with subtitles/notes/links after the weekend/once I'm not tired af anymore.

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Feb. 13th, 2016 11:26 am
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One hesitates (but not very long) to call this a grooming attempt:

Her first poems, dedicated to the Prince of Wales, were published in Liverpool in 1808, when she was only fourteen, arousing the interest of no less a person than Percy Bysshe Shelley, who briefly corresponded with her.

Continuing to read Gomer Williams, A History of the Liverpool Privateers, largely to get the taste of Bold in her Breeches out of my mouth* and discovering that the poet Felicia Hemans, author of The Boy Stood on the Burning Deck was the granddaughter of a Liverpool wine merchant, Venetian consul and owner of a successful privateer, the Dreadnought

*There was a surprisingly competent chapter on Ching Shih, by Dian H. Murray, which showed everyone else up dreadfully, and then it went back to a sprawling mess, including a digression about how a Chinese female pirate in the 1920s, Lai Cho San (who, to be honest, sounds like a much more plausible source for Missee Lee than Madame Sun Yat Sen, especially with the details of her modus operandi being protection racketing, her father having risen from poverty with the help of being adopted by a local brigand, and the detail of her sailing her junk barefooted) would probably never have read Ibsen's A Doll's House. Stanley manages to name-check Missee Lee while clearly not having read it; she refers to it in the same paragraph as she describes Nancy and Peggy, the Amazon pirates, without mentioning that they are also characters in Missee Lee and there's a clear contrast between make-believe piracy and the real thing, she calls it "a novel" rather than identifying it as a children's book, and claims that "In the end, Missee Lee obeys the call of Confucious [sic] not Horace, for her father's sake" despite the fact that in the book Missee Lee actually synthesises a line of Horace ("vir pietate gravis") with the Confucian epigrams being directed at her by her counsellor, decides that they are both saying the same thing, and then proceeds to win a sea battle by the force of sheer personality.

Prompt Challenge Day #13

Feb. 13th, 2016 10:37 pm
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Halfamoon Prompt Challenge - Day 13: Action and Reaction

These women don’t stand still. Or maybe they do - maybe they bide their time and see, so you won’t know they’re coming?

Either way, we want to see your fanworks about the things they do, the events they respond to - what makes them unique, what pushes them forward.

Post to the community, tagged with prompt challenge.
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Dessa Sound the Bells

via Jetpack Monkey who apparently used it as the soundtrack to their Godzilla vid. here

Prompt for 2016-02-13

Feb. 13th, 2016 06:47 pm
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Today's prompt is "run and hide".

Inspired by SkyisGray's incredible Ipseity series.


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